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Urgent News

  • Information for Prospective Year 7

    Published 08/09/19

    Video introduction to the school
    We are excited to launch our school video and hope you enjoy your virtual visit.



    Please read our prospectus for further details about our school. 

    Information regarding our admissions process can be found on this page.

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  • Covid-19 Response - Further Information

    Published 25/06/20

    A lot of information has been sent home via email over the last few weeks and months and so we thought it would be helpful to collate everything here.  All letters home can be found in the 'Parents' section of the website.

    DfE information for families regarding Autumn 2020 return to school.


    Online learning during periods of lockdown
    Every student should be accessing their Google Classrooms and school email daily.  Work will be set and handed in for feedback via Google Classroom and class teachers will deliver 'live' lessons.  All students are actively encouraged to make full use of the 'stream' facility to engage in discussion and to ask questions.  During a live lesson there will be opportunities for discussion and interaction. 

    In addition, helpful learning websites can be found in the 'Learning Resources' area (under 'Students') on our website.  We also subscribe to GCSEPod as well as a variety of other e-learning packages.  For support in accessing these, students are encouraged to contact the relevant class teacher or their Form Tutor.


    Wellbeing calls

    Form Tutors will make contact with home to 'check in' on every student over a period of time.  Heads of Year will be in regular contact with students via their weekly wellbeing emails and as a result of feedback from class teachers.  All assemblies will take place as normal via Google Meets and every student will be able to access their tutor group Google Classroom where they can engage with our regular pastoral activities such as Votes for Schools and Thought for the Week.


    Lateral flow testing

    Students who consent to regular testing can collect lateral flow test kits from their form tutor in order to complete two lateral flow tests per week.  We ask all students to complete these on a Sunday and Thursday evening and to report the results to the school as previously advised.


    Risk assessment
    All on site provision has been risk assessed thoroughly and the key findings have been emailed home.  Risk assessments are regularly reviewed and updated in response to the changing local and national picture.

    In addition to the above arrangements, we will now be conducting contactless temperature scans.  Students will walk up to the scanning device and their temperature will be relayed back to them.  A notification is given for those whose temperature is at or above 37.8 degrees as they are likely to be developing a fever.


    Supervision of Children of Key Workers
    Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have remained open for the children of Key Workers.  Further information for how to access this provision will be emailed home when needed.


    September 2020 return to face to face teaching
    Government guidance states that we should keep each year group separate in their own "bubble". This will require us to introduce staggered start/end times as well as staggered break and lunch times.  A full list of our arrangements can be found here.



    Year 6 Transition
    We have been working with families of Year 6 and Feeder Primary Schools to provide as much remote support as possible.  We have created weekly newsletters and virtual tours - a selection can be accessed below:

    Transition Newsletter 6

    Transition Newsletter 5

    Transition Newsletter 4

    Transition Newsletter 3

    Transition Newsletter 2

    Transition Newsletter 1

    In addition, we will be holding a virtual meeting for all families where they will have the opportunity to meet the Headteacher and Year 7 Pastoral leaders.  There will then be further virtual meetings for each tutor group where students can meet their new form tutor and classmates.  All of these events will be held in July and further information has been emailed home.


    Supporting Wellbeing
    As mentioned, Heads of Year send weekly wellbeing emails to their Year groups.  We have been collating a list of helpful websites and further resources which is available in the file below. 

    Barnet Council Covid-19 information: 

    Child Bereavement UKWinston’s WishHope Again and Grief Encounter all have useful information.

    Kooth - VIEW HERE

    Qwell - VIEW HERE


    Message from the Headteacher

    Further DfE information

    Website for dealing with stress

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  • Book Wish List - Can you help?

    Published 01/12/20

    Special occasion books - we have a wishlist

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