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Electronic Payments

Please either click the image below or download the Wisepay App. Our organisation number is: 67486334

Click to access their online portal

Information Overview about Payments for Parents and FAQs

Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ School accepts online payments for school meals, visits and journeys and other activities using WisePay.  
The benefits are:

  • You don't have to write out numerous cheques
  • You can view what your daughter has eaten in the canteen
  • All major credit and debit cards are taken (please note there is a surcharge on credit cards of 1.5%)
  • Payments can be made any time day and night 24 hours/7 days a week.
  • Information about school trips and events is easy to find.
  • You don't have to worry about payments becoming 'lost your daughter’s bag'.
  • You can view your account and statements on-line
  • Other family members (i.e. grandparents) can make contributions to school payments quickly and easily
  • It is easier for parents who are not living together to manage their daughter's payments through a single account

Parents are able to log on to the WisePay site using the link above with a user name and password to access their personalised area. Any trip which your daughter is involved with will show up in this area and it will be possible to make a payment and see any balance outstanding for each event. The method of making the payment is similar to any other online shopping website and is very easy to navigate.

This is our preferred method of payment and any parents who cannot or do not wish to use on-line payment services will need to contact the school to make alternative arrangements for booking and payments.

Most Frequently Asked Questions
WisePay FAQs for users (The PDF is bookmarked for your convenience - simply click on the bookmark logo on the left hand side to reveal the index and click on the subject required to go to that page.)

Q - I am having problems logging on what can I do?
A - Passwords are very case sensitive and you may need to try several times.

Q - Why can I not see the trip or item I wish to purchase?
A - You need to log on with your user name and password to see the items or trips you want to purchase

Q - Who do I contact in case of queries?
A - You can email to reach the school or email WisePay direct on

Q - How do I merge student accounts?
A - Click here for a simple explanation.