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Donate online via direct debit
(a 1% fee is deducted before reaching QEGSA)

Donate online via credit or debit card
(a 1.3% fee for credit cards and 13p for debit cards is deducted before reaching QEGSA)  

Register your interest or sign up to contribute a small amount time to help 

The Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ School Association (QEGSA) is the parent teacher association of the Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ School.  Throughout its 30 year history, QEGSA has been fostering stronger links between the staff, parents and the community though fundraising and community events.

QEGSA organises a number of events throughout the year including fairs, quiz nights, raffles, new parent welcoming events and others.  Parents, carers and staff are welcome to volunteer when approached occasionally to help with an event or activity.

Register your interest - Whether you want to contribute some time to help or simply want to come along to events and be a part of the school community, register to be sure you don't miss out.  

QEGSA also runs the Project Fund which allows for regular donations to support projects within the school.  In recent years, QEGSA has contributed money for:

  • New furniture for the Dining Room
  • Computing equipment for the media and music departments
  • The renovation of the Learning Resource Centre
  • Rock Challenge uniforms
  • New digital lighting and sound equipment for the Hall
  • New suite of computers
  • Sewing machines
  • Graphics tablets
  • Walking track

If you would like further information about QEGSA or the Project Fund, please feel free to contact QEGSA at or by telephone: 020 3778 0403.  Also, be sure to check the school calendar for future QEGSA events.

QEGSA Project Fund

The Project Fund has been set up to increase the fundraising potential of QEGSA.  It was felt there were many parents who were unable to commit time to QEGSA but who would willingly donate money to enhance the school’s facilities to benefit their own daughter and the other pupils in the school.

  • The renovation of the Learning Resource Centre
  • New furniture for the Dining Room
  • New computers for the Music and Media departments
  • A mini-bus
  • New Digital lighting and sound equipment for the Hall

What are we asking for?

The price of a weekly latte... the cost of an apple a day… the price of a daily paper will all add up to significant support for the girls at this school and these small amounts will really make a visible difference to their education.

QEGSA is a registered charity (Charity Commission number 277055), which can reclaim tax under the Government's Gift Aid scheme.  If you are a UK taxpayer, this means QEGSA can collect an extra 25p from the Government for every £1 donated!  If circumstances allow, parents are encouraged to donate on a regular basis.  The suggested amount is £10 per month, but regular donations of any amount on a monthly, annual or one-off basis are warmly welcomed. All donations are on a confidential basis.  Whether through a large donation or a small one, please consider contributing to QEGSA and help make a positive impact on the futures of the young women of Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School.

How can I donate?

For your convenience, there are a variety of ways to support QEGSA:

*You can also sign up for Gift Aid using all of these methods

Thank you for your support,

The Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School Association

Charity Commission Registration Number: 277055