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Year 10 Speak Out Challenge

On 25th November we held workshops for our Year 10 students to learn about public speaking and to experience working as part of a group.  Students were challenged to devise and deliver a persuasive talk on given topics and were coached by experts on body language, voice and delivery style.  The day was very interesting for all concerned.

"I would never have imagined that within a normal school day I'd be given such an opportunity. We were taught how to speak in public with structure and confidence. These were just a few of the many skills I gained during my time at the Speak Out Challenge workshop. With these atrributes, the foundation on which to build my future is made stronger.​"

Igochi Elechi 10NAL


"At the Speak Out Challenge we started by getting to know the other people in the group. We did this by each standing up and stating our names and ambitions for the future. The group leader would then interject every couple of mini speaaches and give us tips on how to interest our audience, such as tellling personal stories and keeping eye contact. By the end of the workshop we were all much more confident at public speaking. After lunch we each delivered a short speech on a topic of our choice. During the day we all became much more confident. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity."

Sara Khafife 10NAL