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Year 9 visit the British Museum

Our Year 9 students all had the opportunity to visit the British Museum.  Below is an account from one of many students who enjoyed this visit.

"A trip full of breath-taking artefacts and wonderful culture; the Art department visit to the British museum was a wonderful opportunity for Year 9.  We learned about the history and culture of various different countries and how this influenced artwork of the time.  We also looked at the symbolism reflected in the artwork and connected this to some of the topics we have been studying this year.

One of the rooms that we visited was called “living and dying”.  This gave us an insight into how different countries celebrated life and marked death.  The most intriguing display in this room was the “cradle to grave” piece which set out to explore our relationship with medicine across one life time.  The work incorporated a lifetime supply of drugs knitted into two lengths of fabrics comparing the medical stores of both men and women during their lifetime.  Each length of fabric contained over 14,000 drugs; the estimated number prescribed to one person within a lifetime.

We also visited the Egyptian exhibit which was very eye catching and captivating.  Many coffins were on display as well as other Egyptian artefacts.  One of the most thrilling exhibits was one of the preserved and naturally mummified adult males.  Due to the way that he was mummified, tufts of ginger hair were still present on his scalp.

Throughout this visit we learned so much about the history of different countries and of their cultures.  Overall, it was a very fun and exciting visit and I look forward to following this up when back at school."

- Jeannie Egyepong 9GNI