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The pages in this section provide a range of information for our students. The school also offers a comprehensive range of student support services including:

Learning Resource Centre
The LRC is an information centre designed to support the learning, teaching and research needs of our students and staff.  For Sixth Form students there is a dedicated self-study area.

Personal Development
The PSHE programme includes modules on careers education, personal and social development, sex education, drugs education and citizenship. These provide the knowledge, skills and understanding for students to:

  • Be confident and able to make responsible decisions in preparation for the demands of the adult world
  • Form positive relationships and respect differences between people
  • Lead a healthy and safe lifestyle
  • Consider and express different opinions on a range of issues with confidence
  • Be aware of moral values and the need to make moral choices
  • Become informed citizens with a voice and an understanding of rights and responsibility in 21st century Britain

More Able and Talented
We offer a program of opportunities for our More Able students who have been identified as having significant academic potential across all subjects. This takes the form of stretch and challenge within lessons as well as external opportunities.

Talented students who have a particular ability in a subject are identified by those departments.  They are given opportunities to develop these talents within lessons and have access to additional activities.

As a school we are united in the belief that every child, regardless of academic or physical difficulties, has the right to take part in and enjoy every aspect of school life. We believe that our day to day work supports this ideal. We will work in partnership with parents, staff and students to make this commitment a reality.

Our careers education helps develop the girls’ knowledge, understanding and experience of opportunities in education, training and employment and nurtures the skills necessary to make informed decisions based on their own personal circumstances.  We provide accurate, comprehensive, current and reliable  information on careers that is well displayed and accessible, which the girls are able to use effectively in helping them choose the right courses and careers for them.  In addition, in Year 11 and in the Sixth Form the girls take part in work experience to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the world of work.

In order to support and nurture achievement, we are actively committed to providing a secure, happy environment where young people are treated as individuals. Their care and well-being is of paramount importance.

Every student in school has a form tutor who is the first point of contact for parents. The form tutor has overall responsibility, on a day-to-day basis, for the care, welfare and academic progress of all students in their tutor group.  Most students stay in the same tutor group throughout their time at the school and tutors see students each afternoon at tutor time. Form tutors deliver some of the PSHE programme during this time and during a rolling programme of whole lessons on a regular basis.

Each year group also has a Head of Year, responsible for overseeing the welfare, discipline and academic progress of students in their year group supported by a dedicated member of the leadership team. We have two Assistant Headteachers; one responsible for Behaviour and Safety and one in charge of Inclusion and Child protection who oversee all pastoral care. We also have Learning Mentors and a Pastoral Support Officer who provide individual tailored support to students ranging from a clearly defined programme of assistance, to just a friendly face or listening ear, as needed.

School Welfare Officer
We would like to welcome your children to school and remind parents and carers that the school Welfare Officer is available to offer support and advice to you in relation to your child’s health and well-being.