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School News

  • School Newsletter

    Published 28/03/24

    Our school newsletter is released half termly and it can be viewed below.  Please also refer to this page for past editions.

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  • Celebration of Excellence Evening

    Published 02/10/23

    Our annual "Celebration of Excellence" evening is an opportunity to reflect upon the achievements of our very talented students across all Key Stages.  We were fortunate to be able to welcome former student, Dr Lady Leahy, back to the school in order to present the prizes and share her experience of school and life beyond school.


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  • Big Bang Competition Success

    Published 17/07/23

    Throughout Year 10 a group of STEM students have been working on various projects and my group focused on making hydrogen from scrap metal.  Leading up to a national competition called the Big Bang, all STEM students had the opportunity to showcase their ideas during a STEM fair held in May.  This also involved an online meeting with various professional judges and those who took an interest in the same topics nationally.

    In late June, three groups from our school had the opportunity to participate in the Big Bang competition in Birmingham.  It was a huge privilege for our team as it gave us the opportunity to explore our enthusiasm for science and engineering while also developing our cognitive skills.

    One of our favourite activities at the fair was to go and visit professional stalls from companies and corporations ranging from the National Grid to Specsavers. It was incredible to appreciate the amount of science and technology behind all areas of the company in question, as well as getting hands-on experience.  We got the chance to also try practical activities such as badge making and even using computer technology to view modern or more futuristic architecture in virtual reality.  The activities were endless!  Quizzes had been set up and were available to try and guide you to several future careers suited to personalities, games to pique your interest and lectures giving insight into careers. 

    Altogether, the day was thoroughly enjoyable, giving us many great memories and unique opportunities. 

    - By Kayra in Year 10

    Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ School is incredibly proud of our GCSE STEM students and their participation in The Big Bang Fair.  We are delighted to share that we won the following four prestigious awards:

    • An “Energy Institute Climate Change Special Award” for making hydrogen fuel from scrap metal.
    • A “Practical Science Special Award” for Mr Bloor-Young’s leadership of the STEM groups.
    • A runner up award for the Intermediate Science Category for making hydrogen fuel from scrap metal.
    • A runner up award for the Intermediate Engineering Category for a stair climbing wheelchair for dogs project. 


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  • Holocaust Survivor Talk

    Published 03/07/23

    On Monday 3rd July, students from Year 9 and the Sixth Form had the privilege of listening to a Holocaust survivor named Hedi Argent.  She explained the struggles and challenges she and her family faced and how she was fortunate to escape with her family from Vienna to England.

    There were many messages and key themes but the one that really struck me was that bullying and hate often starts with small actions such as name calling.  Despite the fact that we are all unique in our own way, and we are all human, we need to learn not to judge others.  Hedi said that we should aim to spread kindness and do at least one good thing a day as that it can have a positive impact on someone else. This is something that really resonated with me and I will certainly take her advice.

    As uncomfortable as the subject was, I enjoyed the opportunity to listen to Hedi and to ask questions about such an important time in our history.

     - Era, Year 9


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  • Year 7 Bertha Earth Residential

    Published 30/06/23

    Bertha Earth is an environmental organisation which seeks to grow a network of diverse environment leaders who will bring about positive change.  They seek to support young people to develop a range of leadership skills whilst educating them about the environment and sustainability.

    As part of the 2022-23 programme, a group of Year 7 students have participated in a series of after school workshops, culminating in a residential retreat at Jamie's Farm to focus on the story of land, food, farming and fashion systems.   During the residential activity at the end of June, our students farmed their own produce and learned about animal welfare and sustainability.  A great deal of fun was had and the group are very much looking forward to continuing this important work next year.

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  • Year 12 Physicists visit Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE)

    Published 21/06/23

    On Wednesday 7th June, Year 12 Physics students went on a trip to Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE) in Oxfordshire.

    CCFE is home to JET, a nuclear fusion experiment which aims to release large amounts of energy without producing long-lived radioactive waste or greenhouse gases.  JET is fuelled by two isotopes of hydrogen - deuterium (commonly found in seawater) and tritium (much rarer), and reaches temperatures of 150 million oC (10 times hotter than the sun), making this the hottest place in the solar system.  To achieve this, JET consumes an astonishing amount of power (2% of the UK’s entire power reserve when switched on). The “neutral particle beams” used for heating could boil a bath full of water in 0.48 seconds.

    To protect researchers from the heat and radiation released, JET is housed in a hanger protected by the second largest doors in the world (after those at NASA), weighing 400 tonnes each.  We were utterly fascinated by JET and had a wonderful experience with the staff, who gave us a personal tour of the facility and a short talk about the faculty.

    Two of us will be returning in July to take part in a women in STEM scheme run by the UK Atomic Energy Authority which is definitely something to look forward to.

    - By Louisa, Simren, Hannah & Hafsa in Year 12

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  • Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

    Published 23/05/23

    On 20th and 21st May, a group of 60 year 10 students at Dunstable Downs Visitors Centre for what promised to be an exciting Training expedition weekend for their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. The programme is  designed for anyone aged 14-24, and it consists of physical, skills, volunteering and expedition elements (with an additional residential section at gold level) which can all be tailored to the individual, allowing them to develop as a person and also express themselves and their interests in many different ways.

    The expedition was based in the Chiltern Hills, with students required to complete a 2 day expedition (including a camp out). This was across undulating, challenging terrain in groups of 7 where students put their skills to the test to complete an expedition. They developed map reading skills, compass and navigation skills as well as the ability to cook over an open fire.

    The first day saw students recapping the skills learned on the Training day in March, accompanied by instructors from AtoZ Expeditions who could guide and support. AtoZ Expeditions are a dedicated Adventurous Activity Provider (AAP) who specialise in  DofE expeditions and we have worked with for many years. The instructors worked with groups of students to navigate around 12km across the Chiltern Hills to their campsite for the evening, coming across many challenges including fields full of cows and even some horses!

    Upon arrival at the camp, students pitched their tents and set to work cooking their meals. There was lots of pasta, noodles and hot chocolate to go around and spirits remained high despite one group managing to burn their pasta and another who spilt theirs over the grass, meaning double cooking for them! We also enjoyed a small birthday celebration for one student with balloons and banners decorating her tent. 

    An early wakeup on Sunday morning (6am) ensured students could cook themselves breakfasts of porridge and hot chocolate before their first unaccompanied, remotely supervised expedition. The first group happily left camp at 8:20am to begin their 6 hours of walking, starting up a very large hill toward Ivinghoe Beacon.

    Throughout the day all students made great progress, showing their newly honed navigation skills and realised that many things they had packed were not strictly necessary and that being able to fit their tents and stoves for the weekend into their bags was much more important!

    Across the weekend our students demonstrated compassion, teamwork, leadership, resilience and improved cooking skills to allow them to successfully complete their training. We are now looking forward to their qualifying expedition in three weeks time, also taking place in the Chiltern Hills.


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  • Design Technology Sketchathon Event

    Published 12/05/23

    Our Year 10 Design Technology students partnered with Year 10 students at Queen Elizabeth's School on Wednesday 10th May 2023.  

    Over 100 students worked collaboratively to take part in a series of design challenges on the theme of sustainability.  The event commenced with a speech from an old Elizabethan who had recently commenced a degree in Engineering.  He offered an interesting perspective which linked his GCSE studies in Design Technology with his degree.  He then coached students as they worked in mixed teams to produce a series of designs for environmentally friendly children's toys as part of a 'sketchathon' competition.  There was much creativity and a healthy dose of competition in what was a collaborative and supportive environment.

    We would like to thank Ms Tomlinson at Queen Elizabeth's School for arranging the event which was enjoyed by all.  We look forward to hosting the event ourselves next year. 

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  • Lecture Series: “Jane Austen: The novel before and after one of literature’s most influential writers”

    Published 27/04/23

    On Wednesday 26th April, Sixth Form student Adriana led one of our staff and student lecture series sessions.  The focus this week was on Jane Austen and the novel before and after one of literature's most influential writers. 

    Fellow Year 13 English Literature student, Saoirse, described the lecture as:

    "A shrewd and acutely perceptive insight into the development of the Novel, and the context in which Jane Austen’s work was produced, Adriana examined the state of the Novel before Austen, from title length to its very narration, with an air of excitement for literature few could do justice to. Alongside relaying a side to Austen as a writer previously unknown to A-level Literature students (her wit and crafty humour), Adriana also afforded her audience a glance into what English Literature is like at a degree level, with all the nuance and complexity the subject matter deserved. A wonderful way to spend an afternoon; I’m glad we got to share it."



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  • Matilda Jr - School Production

    Published 21/11/22

    We were delighted to once again host our annual school production, Matilda Jr, which ran on 9, 10 and 11 November. Thank you to everyone who came and supported the shows and well done to cast and crew for a fabulously creative and energetic production!

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  • Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award, Year 9 Highly Commended entry

    Published 17/11/22

    Over 13,500 poems were submitted for the international "Foyle Young Poets of the Year" competition, and we were thrilled to receive the news that Nerys in Year 9 was awarded a 'Highly Commended' prize.  This represents an incredible achievement considering that there was such a high number of poems submitted from 100 countries.

    Nerys commented:

    "I would strongly encourage others to write and enjoy poetry as a form of creative work, an outpouring of emotion, or even to see the world in a different light. Through my love of poetry, I was motivated to independently research and enter this competition. I would like to urge others with a passion for creativity to enter this competition next year, or something similar in whatever form." 

    Nerys was invited to attend the awards ceremony and found it very inspiring, gaining the opportunity to listen to the winning entries and to receive advice from the Poet Laureate, Simon Armitage, amongst others.  

    Ahead of its publication in an online anthology next year, Nerys's poem can be read below.


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  • Bertha Earth Launch Day

    Published 04/11/22

    Bertha Earth is a company working with secondary schools to advocate and envisage a world where every child inherits a healthy, thriving planet. 

    Bertha Earth's mission is to grow a diverse network of young environmental leaders and change makers who reignite a love for our planet. Bertha Earth came into the school to deliver an exciting new programme to the year 7 cohort they focused on: activism, confidence and making an impact. The year 7's had a day off timetable exploring how amazing the planet can be through both practical and theory lessons.

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  • Matilda Theatre Trip

    Published 05/10/22

    On 5 October, Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ Matilda Jr cast and crew got to see the amazing production of Matilda the Musical at the Cambridge Theatre in London. Lots of great ideas and inspiration to ensure our school show in November will be fabulous! 

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  • Year 13 Clean up

    Published 29/09/22

    In September, a group of Year 13 QE Boys and QE girls swept the Dollis Valley Park for rubbish. There were traffic cones, shoes and a wheel barrow plus some lovely comments of thanks from members of the public.

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  • Open Evening

    Published 26/09/22

    On 26 September, we welcomed prospective Year 6 students and their parent/carers to our Open Evening to tour the school, meet the teachers and attend one of three talks, by the Headteacher. Each faculty showcased their subjects in various classroom workshops around the school to give the prospective students a flavour of that subject, to engage their interest and imaginations!  The event was well attended with over 1200 people through the door and attending the talks.

    Several follow-up ‘Open Mornings’ have been offered to families who were not able to attend the Open Evening or who want to see more of the school and observe live lessons.

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  • Year 13 Geography Field Trip to Dorset

    Published 23/09/22

    Between 20 and 23 September, a group of 5 Year 13 geographers visited Dorset to complete a range of fieldwork activities in preparation for their NEA. 

    On Tuesday 20, we travelled down to Dorset and started our fieldwork on coastal management in Swanage. The students conducted an experiment to test whether longshore drift was occurring at Swanage Bay by throwing an apple into the sea and calculating the speed and distance it travelled along the coastline. They then undertook a range of surveys to determine how effective each management strategy is. They also interviewed members of the public to find their views. We also managed to squeeze in an ice-cream for our efforts! Later we travelled the short distance to our accommodation, a picture perfect cottage, near Corfe Castle.

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  • Queen Elizabeth II Visit - Guild Members Reminisce

    Published 10/09/22

    In 1957, Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School was the first state school to be visited by the late Queen Elizabeth II.  Members of our school guild remember the event vividly and shared their memories during our recent Celebration of Excellence evening.

    Please click on the following link to read a recent news article published by the Barnet Society.

    Vivienne and Gill also featured in a recent BBC News interview:


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  • Celebration of Excellence

    Published 08/09/22

    On Thursday 8 September, we were delighted to host the Celebration of Excellence event, at our school, to celebrate students whose achievements during 2021 and 2022 were recognised as prize worthy.

    We were pleased to invite our guest speaker, Miss Hilda Wiredu, a past student, who gave an inspirational talk to our students. Over 85 prizes were awarded, and the event was well attended by the prize winners and their families.

    Congratulations to all of our prize winners!

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  • Virtual Insight Tour for Year 6

    Published 01/07/22



    We hope you enjoy this short film we have created to introduce some of the departments your daughter will encounter when she starts school with us. Although you will hear from key staff who support learning across the curriculum in Year 7, only a small number of our talented subject specialist staff were able to be part of the video.

    COVID arrangements meant restrictions to students that could be used in the space together with staff too, in terms of numbers and year groups. We do however believe the film gives a good flavour of the school and while none of us are actors, we have developed an enthusiasm to make another short film soon with learning from hindsight! That film will largely promote transition to our Sixth Form. We are already working on safe ways to include more students so that we can truly reflect our diverse community of which we are most proud. 

    I look forward to welcoming you personally to our school in the near future.

    Violet Walker, Headteacher





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  • Big Bang Competition - Double Win!

    Published 30/06/22

    We were very fortunate that two teams of students (Year 10 and Year 11) successfully made it to the finals of the Big Bang Competition held at the NEC in Birmingham.  The groups showcased projects that they have been working on as part of their STEM lessons this year.

    The Year 10 project, a magnetic hydrodynamic drive for marine vessels, made use of the movement of ions in salt water between two charged aluminium plates as a propulsion system for boats.  The Year 11 project, glasses for the visually impaired, focussed on creating a pair of glasses that utilise proximity sensors to give haptic feedback to someone with a visual impairment.  As part of this work, the team were involved in writing a Python program to be run on a Raspberry Pi and then 3D printing a working prototype model. 

    Both fantastic projects were recognised by the judges for the innovation and creativity of their ideas.

    The 'Magnetic hydrodynamic drive in marine vessels' won a special award sponsored by Network Rail for innovation in transport.

    The 'Glasses for visually impaired' were runners up of the whole competition within the engineering category.

    A fantastic achievement for all students involved.


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  • Barnet Schools Music Festival 2022

    Published 27/06/22

    On Tuesday 21st June the Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School Choir and Year 12 soloist, Daisy, took part in Barnet School's Music Festival at The Arts Depot in North Finchley.  This was a wonderful evening of vocal and instrumental performances with local primary schools in attendance.  Our school was complimented for the calibre of our pieces and performing in front of such a large audience was very inspiring. 

    Some quotes from student evaluations:


    I really enjoyed performing on Tuesday because the atmosphere was very friendly and supportive plus our song was a really fun one to sing.  Singing gives us hope and as we had already learned the lyrics we just had to perfect our performance on the night.  We worked really hard rehearsing every Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime and I personally believe it paid off.

    Aoife - Year 7


    On Tuesday, 21st of June, 2022, I was a participant in the Barnet Schools Music Festival which was held in the ArtsDepot in North Finchley. Our school, Queen Elizabeth’s Girls' School, performed ‘Give Us Hope’ by Jim Papoulis and, after it, I performed a solo ‘Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again’ by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

    This event was really enjoyable to me, for many reasons. One was that despite my strong sense of stage fright, I do enjoy singing and performing for people, loving the way I can make people feel and see things depending on my voice.

    It was wonderful performing to an audience after so many years, and I am proud, and happy, to say that it was every bit as enjoyable and thrill-inducing as I remember, if not more.

    I can also say that the performances of the other schools were amazing and inspiring and there is some very clear talent and skill that has been learnt, shown through these children and their bravery on getting up on stage and singing.

    Daisy - Year 12


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  • Duke of Edinburgh Training Day

    Published 11/04/22

    On Saturday 19th March, 46 year 10 students from Queen Elizabeth's spent their day back in school completing their training day for their upcoming Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award practice and qualifying expeditions.


    The DofE programme, designed for anyone aged 14-24, consists of physical, skills, volunteering and expedition elements (with an additional residential section at gold level) which can all be tailored to the individual, allowing them to develop many key life skills and express themselves and their interests.  


    The training day was run by an excellent team of instructors from AtoZ Expeditions who covered four sessions over the day. The first session the girls looked at putting up tents and the type of land they require to do so, including how best to ensure your tent stays dry throughout the night and how to prevent your tent from blowing away by securing it safely.


    One session was based around packing your bag in a sensible manner to ensure full waterproofness of your items and the ability to carry it for a total of 15 miles. The girls also discussed the importance of different types of waterproof clothing and why a boot with ankle support was much better than one without.


    The girls looked at Ordnance Survey map reading, with one student commenting that “I never knew there were so many different elements to a map - I thought it only had roads on it!”.  They also had first aid scenarios to practice where they were tasked with prioritising first aid incidents and choosing when they would deal with the incident themselves and when they would contact their instructor.


    A particular favourite session with the girls was the one involving cooking on a small camping stove, where the girls were tasked to boil water to allow them to create hot chocolate. This was well received with the girls, one commented that “although it was one of the most watery hot chocolates I’ve had, it was really fun to use the Tranjia stoves and make it outside”.


    All of the students left the day equipped with skills to best prepare them for their expeditions which are coming up in May and June. We wish them the best of luck with those and look forward to hearing about all their experiences from the weekends.



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  • Year 10 Oxbridge Workshops

    Published 31/03/22

    We were lucky enough to host a half day workshop led by Gwyneth Hamand who is a London Outreach Officer at Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge University.  She presented a range of information about a wide variety of University courses on offer, from Land Economy to Chinese Law!  Our students were very interested to learn about the unique features of degree level study at an Oxbridge University, in addition to the application and interview process.  They had an opportunity to explore various super curricular themes and to find out more about the entrance requirements for various courses of study.  The workshop was interactive and it really helped our Year 10 cohort to continue to consider pathways beyond our Sixth Form.  This work will continue throughout their 11-18 learning journey at Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School.


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  • Science Fair 2022

    Published 21/03/22

    We all thoroughly enjoyed the Science Fair held in our Sports Hall recently.

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  • Remembrance Day

    Published 11/11/21

    In school on the 11 November our History Department and a number of students from across the school led a very moving and poignant assembly.

    It was lovely to see some very creative posters on display throughout the school as part of a house competition.

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  • Daffodil planting to commemorate the Covid-19 pandemic

    Published 02/11/21

    On Monday 1st November, our entire school community came together to plant daffodil bulbs at the front of our school as part of a project conceived and led by Sixth Form students.   

    As part of a series of projects intended to mark what everyone has been through as part of the pandemic, students requested to plant daffodil bulbs in a very prominent location at the front of our school.  Having raised £450, we purchased 2000 daffodil bulbs and set about digging and preparing the planting area.  In just one day, all bulbs were planted and every member of our community had an opportunity to reflect on the personal impact of the pandemic whilst making a positive impact to the environment. 

    Hopefully, when our bulbs flower every March, our entire school community can remember this act of togetherness and can celebrate our strong sense of community with a bright and cheerful display of daffodils in bloom.

    In the spring make sure you look out for the blooms on the High Street as you walk past the school. 

    Further projects planned for this year include a time capsule, the creation of a mural and various literary competitions.  

    If you would like to read the recent article from the Barnet Society website, please follow this link.

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  • A busy month for Geographers

    Published 10/10/21

    Our geographers have been busy in October.

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  • DofE Bronze Expedition

    Published 01/07/21

    On 26th/27th June, a group of 21 girls from QE undertook their Bronze expedition as a part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award programme. The programme, designed for anyone aged 14-24, consists of physical, skills, volunteering and expedition elements (with an additional residential section at gold level) which can all be tailored to the individual, allowing them to develop as a person and also express themselves and their interests in many different ways.


    The expedition was based in the Chilterns, with students completing a 2 day expedition requiring them to hike for 14km (8.7miles) on the Saturday and around 12km (7.5miles) on the Sunday. This was across undulating, challenging terrain in small groups of 5 or 6 where the girls put their skills to the test to complete an unaccompanied expedition. They developed map reading skills, compass and navigation skills as well as the ability to cook over an open fire (we had various types of pasta, flapjacks and custard and even hot chocolate being prepared!) 


    Some notable experiences over the weekend included an impromptu diversion away from a large field of cows and the girls evident excitement every time they saw their teachers at the checkpoints - even sprinting down hills with heavy backpacks to meet them! Across the two days the girls not only completed an impressive distance walking, they also demonstrated many valuable skills: the ability to work together as a team, resilience, confidence, perseverance, and above all how to appreciate the natural environment and its many wonders. All girls finished the weekend full of smiles and good memories from the expedition, and many of them are now looking forward to completing their Silver awards too.

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  • Year 9 CPR in PSHE

    Published 30/06/21

    This term in PSHE, Year 9 have been learning how to perform CPR and how to put someone into the recovery position. The lessons involved teaching students steps to take if they were to encounter a person collapsed on the ground.  These included conducting a Primary Survey which is the initial assessment to look for danger and how to carry out 'DR ABC' before moving the person into a recovery position or in a more serious case, having to perform CPR.  All students showed wonderful enthusiasm for learning the steps and then having a chance to practise CPR on our very own 'Annie' dolls which have been specially made to teach CPR. 'Baby Shark' in the background helped the girls time how often they needed to do a chest compression and a lever on the dolls clicked to indicate how far to push. This proved to be hugely surprising as students found doing 30 chest compressions a hard task which made them value the work of paramedics and other medical staff that are faced with these scenarios all the time.

    Year 9 demonstrated exemplary strength and teamwork during the CPR lessons. Here is some feedback from students:


    "The CPR session was quite challenging at first as it more challenging than I thought when I had to make the button click each time I was pressing into the chest of the Annie doll.  After some practise I found it much easier. I enjoyed having a practical lesson as it helped me remember the steps better and allowed me to practice CPR properly and learn the correct techniques when doing CPR."

    - Farima 9PKI


    "I found the CPR session great, although I found it difficult to push down hard on the doll. I thought the experience was great as we could all see and practice what we would do if we ever came across a situation where we would need to do CPR. I was surprised by how hard it was to push down 5-6 cm whilst doing it in time with the baby shark song. I loved having a more practical session and I enjoyed the experience as it has taught me a life skill."

    - Dania-Nevaeh 9PBE


    "I found actually found CPR very very difficult!  I was shocked with how hard it was to press down 6cm into the dummy in order to hear the click. However I did enjoy it very much! It was fun and the theory part helped me to remember the steps."

    - Camila  9HNA



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  • Year 13 Transformation Challenge

    Published 21/05/21

    Year 13 Textiles students were recently set a transformation challenge.  They were furnished with a mannequin, newspaper, refuse sacks and tape.  After a very strict 50 minute deadline, some impressive results were achieved!

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  • THINK (before you speak)

    Published 14/05/21

    Our students have been taking time to THINK about how what they say and write may affect others. Please enjoy our video.

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  • Year 9 Stephen Lawrence Day Activities

    Published 12/05/21

    Year 9 recently had an assembly on the topic "The Legacy of Change", produced by The Stephen Lawrence Foundation.  After watching an excerpt from the recent BBC documentary about Stephen Lawrence, Year 9 spent some time reflecting upon the main themes from the documentary before exploring ways to make a change which involved spreading kindness and engaging in 'random acts of kindness'.  The celebratory assembly at the end of the week showcased contributions from each tutor group.  Posters with positive messages from Year 9 have also been displayed throughout the school.

    Poppy W
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  • Finalist - Global Wool4School Competition

    Published 07/05/21

    Our Year 10 Design and Technology students recently entered the prestigious Wool4School competition.


    Wool4School is an annual student design competition encouraging young designers to showcase their talent. The competition is open to secondary school students in Australia, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Italy. The design brief this year was to design an outfit which was versatile, protective, dynamic and functional in order to aid a commute as you travel. Wool should have been the main fibre, making up at least 70% of the outfit, comprising up to 4 pieces.


    One of our many school entries was from Hanan Kara.  Hanan's design was selected to be part of the Top 10 entries out of some 100,000 entries worldwide.  She designed a garment to wear whilst scooting to work (please see below) and she was invited to attend a special webinar led by a panel of industry experts where the winners would be unveiled.  Hanan narrowly missed being placed in the top 3 but nevertheless, her shortlisting was a fantasist achievement in itself given that there were over 100,000 competition entries.

    Hanan's design


    Hanan and Diyora.
    Hanan and friend
    The international panel of judges
    Eagerly awaiting the competition results




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  • Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions

    Published 30/04/21

    Our Year 10 students recently completed their Bronze Level practice expedition in the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside.  All groups performed incredibly well and had a fantastic experience.

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  • Book Wish List - Can you help?

    Published 01/12/20

    Special Occasion Books - we have a wishlist

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  • Teacher of the Year!

    Published 09/10/20

    London Secondary Teacher of the Year

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  • Black History Month

    Published 06/10/20
    Having launched our #BlackHistoryMonthUK celebrations on Monday in the whole school assembly, we are enjoying the suggested calendar of activities put together by the Sixth Form.
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  • IBM Young Professionals Conference

    Published 14/02/20
    On Friday 14 February, twenty Year 12 students made their  way  to IBM  Head  office to spend the  day  networking  with professionals from  IBM,  PWC,  CapGemini and EY. The day also involved a works
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  • Dementia Cafe - Christmas Carols

    Published 18/12/19

    Raising money and awareness for Dementia.

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  • Christmas Fair

    Published 05/12/19

    We look forward to seeing you at our Christmas Fair on Saturday 7 December between 11am and 3pm

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  • Schools for Success - Mayor of London

    Published 27/09/19

    Outstanding achievements of Queen Elizabeth’s Girls' School London

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  • Year 10 and 11 visit Nice

    Published 03/06/19

    During the half term holiday, a group of students in Years 10 and 11 were given an amazing opportunity to go to Nice for a one week stay with a French family for an authentic, all-inclusive, and immersive experience.  Of course we were delighted to accept this offer! Going to Nice was an excellent decision.

    The day started very early in the morning. After a short flight, the student group arrived at the French airport and were met by the French families who took us back to their homes. A quick drive and we arrived at their lovely houses and we started to get to know the families. Our first dinner with the welcoming families made one successful day complete.

    During the coming days came, we woke up around 7am in order to have enough time to arrive at the school by ourselves. Travelling independently was frightening at first, but it soon proved itself to be a very helpful in traversing the city in its entirety.  We had 3 hours of school per day; a different topic was covered during lessons each day, and extensive notes were made. Very quickly, we started to feel more confident in our French skills, both speaking and understanding.

    With every passing day, we went to a new activity after school. Day 2 - we had a tour of Nice. The sights were incredible and a breathe of fresh air with interesting monuments and views!  Going into different stores and being able to utilise French skills was challenging, a bit confusing at first but with a bit of practice, we had got used to it

    On day 3, ‘la musée océanographique’, the aquarium, as they say in France. We visited Monaco where there were a great many astonishing sights and many new facts along the way.   Day 4 saw us visit Antibes and the Picasso museum. The Picasso museum was quite small, but we appreciated the wonderful arts. Antibes had a lovely community full of shops that were welcoming to us as we attempted our best to quickly form sentences in French, we were able to do so with little effort required! Experience is one of the best forms of learning is what they say, and we agree!

    Day 5 - Grasse and the perfume factory. Wherever you were in France, the landscape was not one to be missed. As soon as we walked into the parfumerie, the smell was splendid during our visit, a delightful experience that we won’t forget!  We also went to St.Paul de Vence, a little town with an artistic atmosphere on the hill, we enjoyed it very much!  

    On our sixth and final day, we went bowling, as it wass our last day in Nice. We had one final trip around the town square as a group together and had a litlte free time.

    All in all, it was a very helpful and informative trip which we all very much enjoyed.


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  • The Guild Lunch

    Published 18/05/19
    On 18 May, we held our annual celebration of the school’s founding. The school and grounds were open to past students and staff to re-live memories and look at the Archive, held in the Library by The Guild Archivist, Mrs Vivienne Bell. (Uniform
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  • Commemoration Day

    Published 10/05/19
    This month on Friday 10 May, we celebrated the founding in 1888 of our school. Years 7 and 8 along with representatives of all other years and sixth form officers, processed with their tutors and senior staff, from school, along the High Street, to S
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  • Key Stage 3 Art

    Published 29/03/19
    This term Year 7 students have been learning about colour theory and how to use different painting techniques such as sgraffito, scumbling, impasto and dry brushing. They have worked hard to scale up observational drawings of fish to A3 size and they
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  • Artwork in the Community

    Published 07/02/19
    Throughout 2019, Barnet Libraries are holding a Year of Learning with a variety of activities and events tied into a different theme every month. The Art Department are proud to be part of the programme working with Chipping Barnet Library in High Ba
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  • Women of the future - Networking with Aviva’s inclusion and diversity team

    Published 25/01/19
    On the 25th of January 2019, five sixth from students from QE were fortunate enough to be chosen as part of the 40 students nationally to go on a trip to the Aviva London head-quarters to network with women who have worked their way up in different a
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  • MFL Christmas Wishes Tree

    Published 05/12/18
    Key Stage 3 students created a Wall Art Christmas tree of seasonal wishes. Their Spanish and French writing is neatly presented on individually decorated Christmas tree shapes. Cross-curricular learning! Their work has brightened up the corridor spac
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  • QEGS Christmas Fair

    Published 24/11/18
    We are all appreciative of the great team work that went on between the QEGSA committee and supporters and school staff, with school arrangements on the day co-ordinated by Mr Haines. The Christmas Fair was held on 24 November and it was a huge succe
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  • Emotional Intelligence & Conflict Management

    Published 05/10/18
    On the 5th October, Year 8 had a group of presenters in to look at Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Management. The students took part in workshops which included a drama production, discussion about self-confidence and positive attitude.
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  • Sixth Form Team Building Day

    Published 05/09/18
    The annual team building challenge in central London gave the Year 13 students an opportunity to bond with their new fellow sixth formers on Wednesday 5th September. They travelled to London accompanied by Miss Southwell, Miss Ward and a number of fu
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  • Year 8 Visit Boulogne-sur-Mer

    Published 19/07/18

    "On Wednesday 18th July, we travelled by coach and ferry to Boulogne-sur-Mer on a school trip which was organised by Mme Brett. 

    Shortly after arriving, we started the day with a visit to a bakery in the countryside where we learned how to make croissants and traditional bread.  We were taught by a couple who spoke French to us the entire time (especially the husband!) and so we were able to practice introducing ourselves in French.  At the end of the workshop, we were given croissants and pain au chocolat to enjoy outside in the sunshine.

    Learning to make croissants

    Next, we went to the Old Town which was full of cafes with people sitting outside and small shops, some selling souvenirs eg berets, key chains, bracelets.  The Old Town was very pretty and we were able to see the sights and eat our lunch outside before heading to the beach.  The beach was sandy and a few of us went into the water as it was a lovely hot day, then most of us ate ice cream!  Finally, we went to a shopping centre on the way home for some last minute shopping before arriving back at school at 11:15pm.  

    It was the best school trip that I have ever attended. I would definitely go again!"

    - Jessica 8ASZ

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  • 'Quality Fish, North Finchley' support Year 10 students to fillet a fish

    Published 16/07/18

    Following a very informative workshop, one of our Year 10 students has written a brief summary of her experience when learning how to fillet and prepare fish:


    "On Thursday 12thJuly 2018, Mrs Doel’s Year 10 GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition class were privileged to take part in a special workshop where we learned how to fillet a fish.  Elias, a fishmonger from Quality Fish North Finchley Ltd, came to school to demonstrate and support us in filleting a fish.  

    As a class, we had the option to fillet Sea bream, Sea bass and Mackerel.  At first we were all very nervous, excited and overwhelmed by the sight of an actual fish in front of us!  We soon, however, overcame our nerves and whilst it was challenging at first we all eventually succeeded in successfully filleting the fish.  Overall we learned a lot and we were very happy to have been given the opportunity to learn such a skill, which will no doubt help us in developing our dishes as part of the GCSE course."

    - Nadine 10MBE

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  • Year 12 English Literature Students visit Bath

    Published 16/07/18

    The English Department led a Year 12 English Literature A level students to Bath in order to complement the study of Jane Austen's 'Sense & Sensibility'.  Austen herself spent a number of years in Bath and drafted many of her books there, with Bath being mentioned in all her novels.

    After arriving in Bath via the train from Paddington, we walked to the Jane Austen Centre and were taken on a guided tour to key venues within the city. We learned a great deal about Austen and her influences, information which will be invaluable when we have to write about the context of the text.

    Throughout the course of the day, we estimated that we walked close to 9 miles which, for teenagers, is surely a record! We then spent some time exploring Bath before travelling back to Paddington. 

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  • Year 9 Mathematicians visit the Royal Institution

    Published 13/07/18

    On Sunday, 1st July we went to the Royal Institution, in Mayfair, for the Mathematics Masterclass.  After signing in we were able to explore the building. The lectures started at 11:15am, but there were many puzzles to try in the different rooms for those arriving early, like us. When it was time for the first lecture, everyone made their way to the historic lecture hall and we both took our seats.


    The first lecture was by Prof. Julia Gog from the University of Cambridge. Prof. Gog, a specialist in mathematics and infectious diseases, taught us how mathematics can stop epidemics from breaking out. One particular topic Prof. Gog talked about is the



    R0 tells you the average number of people who will catch a disease from one contagious person. It applies to a population of people who were previously free of infection and haven’t been vaccinated. When R0 ≤ 1, the existing infection causes less than one new infection, then disease will decline and eventually die out. Whereas when R0 ≥ 1, the disease will spread between the population, and there may be an epidemic.


    Prof. Gog ended the lecture with a statement, “We don’t know if mathematics can prevent the outbreak of epidemics, but with the help of different specialists from different areas, we can still reduce the chances of epidemics happening.”


    After the talk, it was lunch. All the rooms were open for us and a competition was held. Anyone could enter (solo or as a team) and it was a booklet of questions very similar to those in the UKMT maths challenge. It was just a challenge for us to attempt during our break and there would be prizes that would be handed out to those who did the best at the end of the day.


    We handed the booklet in just before the second lecture. The second lecture was taught by Prof. Felix Flicker, a specialist in theoretical physics from the University of Oxford. Prof. Flicker stated the lecture by telling Hilbert’s theory of the grand hotel, which is a paradox. A paradox is a statement that sounds reasoning but leads to a self-contradictory or logically unacceptable conclusion.


    There are four types of paradox. Veridical paradox, the ones that appears absurd but is mainly true, falsidical paradox, the ones that contains mainly falsehood, antinomy, the ones that is neither veridical or falsidical but reaches a self-contradictory result with accepted ways of reasoning, and dialethia, which are the ones that are veridical and falsidical at the same time.


    Prof. Flicker showed us many ways paradoxes can be used in math and science. If paradoxes are made into 3D shapes, the “veridical” side of a shape is where the shape finds its equilibrium and stays, whereas the “falsidical” side of a shape is where it doesn’t find its balance and falls to the veridical side. Most shapes have multiple veridical and falsidical sides. However, there are some exceptions. A sphere has an infinite amount of points of equilibrium, meaning an infinite amount of veridical points.


    A shape with only one point of equilibrium is suggested by a Russian mathematician Vladimir Arnold in 1995 and proven in 2006 by Hungarian scientist and mathematician Gábor Domokos and Péter Várkonyi. The shape, gömböc has one point of equilibrium, meaning one veridical point and one falsidical point, therefore the shape will always turn back to the veridical point. The shapes unique design can trace back to the shape of shelled animals such as tortoise.


    Prof. Flicker then linked the idea of paradox with the angular momentum of electrons and visual illusions. After that, we ended the day with the awarding of the prizes.


    We didn’t get awarded the prizes, but the experience we had gain that day was amazing and unique, we also met students from other schools with incredible knowledge of mathematics. We hope to go back next year!

    - By Jia-Zih Yuan & Amy Li (9NDD)

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  • Fine Art & Technology Exhibition 2018

    Published 06/07/18

    On Tuesday 3rd July, we held our annual exhibition of GCSE and A-Level student work.  As always, the standard was incredibly high, showcasing hours of work and a great attention to detail.

    Below is a small selection of what we had on show.  Sadly, much of the work will soon be adorning the homes of the students who created each piece but thankfully the exhibits are available for our students to view for a few more days.

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  • Book Club take part in Read4Barnet event

    Published 05/07/18

    Last Thursday, a group of 19 students from Book Club attended the Read4Barnet event, joining 8 other Barnet schools.  A total of 4 authors were present and each took some time to discuss their books and to take questions. In attendance were Anthony McGowan, who was shortlisted for this years Carnegie award with his book 'Rook', and Non Pratt (Truth or Dare, Unboxed and Trouble) who was very humorous during her talk.


    Some student feedback:

    "I enjoyed meeting Nat Luurtsema because she was funny and interesting. She wrote the books "Girl out of Water" and "Lou out of Luck".  I also liked the author panel because it was inspiring hearing how each author became so successful. I enjoyed being with other schools as well. It was great that we got to vote for our favourite author. I voted for Nat Luurtsema, and she was the winning author as well."

    - Morsal 7SKT


    "At Read4Barnet we listened to authors tell stories about their experiences. I found it interesting and learned a lot more about books and the whole publishing process. We got a chance to vote for our favourite author, which was a good ending to the day as well as a good talking point."

    - Madina 7JPR


    "We got to meet amazing authors and ask them questions about their books. I found Non Pratt inspiring, she has encouraged me to write. It was good to meet people from other schools as well."

    - Juliet 7JPR

    Nat Luurtsema


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  • Year 10 Geography Field Trip

    Published 03/07/18

    This week the Year 10 Geographers visited East Finchley High Street as well as The Bishops Avenue to undertake fieldwork investigating variations in urban quality of life which is required for their Geography GCSE. The field trip involved students completing a variety of fieldwork techniques. For example an Environmental Quality Assessment was completed whereby students scored each site on features such as the quality of street furniture, levels of pollution and variety of shops. In addition a pedestrian count was completed at each location whereby the number of people walking past in a minute was recorded. Students also made use of a free decibel app downloaded on to their phones to record noise level at each site. Finally students had to be brave and complete a questionnaire asking members of the public their opinions on environmental quality in East Finchley as well as whether they believe there to be a sense of belonging and community spirit in the area. Despite the weather being extremely hot, the fieldwork was undertaken successfully, ensuring that they are well prepared for this aspect of their exam.

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  • Fine Art & Technology Exhibition 03/07/18

    Published 25/06/18

    Our annual showcase of A Level and GCSE Fine Art & Technology takes place on 3rd July 2018 from 5pm - 7pm.  Please join us to celebrate the achievements of our students this year in what promises to be a highlight of the summer term.

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  • "A School of Our Own" assembly

    Published 22/06/18

    On Thursday the 21st of June, Year 7 were treated to a special assembly from an ex student and teacher from our school. She told us all about our school history and what things were like some years ago.  We were also presented with a copy of a book about our school called "A School of Our Own" to celebrate 130 years since Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School was founded.  We have read the book from cover to cover and here are some of the things we found interesting when reading the book:


    Victorian Times

    In the Victorian times the children would do many things that we found absolutely amazing! Firstly pupils will partake in sewing classes as it was seen as an important skill for a women to learn.  What’s strange about this is that they had to do it in absolute silence whilst one of the girls would read poetry.

    Another thing that shocked us was that they had the opportunity to do roller skating in the hall at lunch and sometimes the Head Teacher would join in. They also had a weekly report card which could be either a red, white or gold coloured report.  If you got given a red report [the worst card] you were not allowed to do PE for a week. Maybe the most extraordinary thing was that pupils had to walk to school on their own unless they had a letter from their parents!


    World War II

    This is when a lot of changes came to our school, it was now a fee paying school pupils had to be 8-18 to attend. During the blitz the school stayed open throughout although not much work was able to take place and, sadly, 3 girls who attended QEGS died.

    Many teachers volunteered to be fire watchers; they had to stay overnight at the school and once the aeroplanes had left they went to the top floor to look out for fires. The worst thing late at night would have been the cockroaches and they had to be careful not to step on one or there would be a horrible crunch! 

    In the war time, the school canteen was in the Languages corridor! To get the food upstairs they used a dumbwaiter that would pass by the head teachers office.This is still there today and is located outside the photocopy room. 



    QE Girls' became a comprehensive school and went from 3 to having 5 classes in a year group. They stopped Greek and Latin lessons and brought in IT,Technology and Music.  The uniform also changed a lot and girls stopped wearing hats to school.

    We read about how the teachers did not like to disturb the Head Teacher so they used to bend down on their knees to see if there were more than two pairs of feet in her office.  On one day the Head Teacher opened the door onto someone and there was an awkward silence.  Due to this they added a little wooden panel at the bottom of her door and that’s still there now [this is now Mr Jones' office].

    We really liked listening to the old girls who talked in assembly. It was the best assembly this year and we were really glad to read the book.  In fact during every break on Thursday we tried to read a little more of our book as there were some really interesting stories.

    Anna and Millie 7CBS

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  • Lamda Examination Success

    Published 20/06/18

    We are delighted, once again, to announce that our students have achieved a fantastic set of LAMDA Speech and Drama examination results this year.

    Having entered over 50 girls for both the Acting and Verse & Prose examinations from Grades 1 to 5, all of our students achieved the highest grades; Merits and Distinctions. Many students will now be working towards their Medal examinations through which they can obtain UCAS points.

    We are immensely proud of everyone's achievements and their confidence and vocal ability continue to improve year upon year.  We will be offering more students the opportunity to undertake LAMDA examinations next year.

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  • Summer Show National Saturday Club

    Published 18/06/18

    Since November of last year five of our talented GCSE Art students have been attending Middlesex University for one of fifty National Art and Design Saturday Clubs. Sessions are led by University tutors with students able to take advantage of the techniques, equipment and facilities on site such as photography studios, dark rooms, printing presses and ceramic studios.

    The weekly Saturday Clubs are punctuated by other important moments such as the master-class given by British designer Quentin Newark.

    At the end of the program Club members and their families attended a private view at Somerset House when each member was presented with a Certificate of Achievement and a Yearbook by Sir John Sorrell founder of the NADSC.

    Khouria Bruce, Angelika Kaccouris, Millie Beavis-Adams, Isobel Nethercoat and Amy Jamiesons work is now on display at the Summer Show, a week-long public exhibition held at Somerset House, Embankment Galleries, London until Sunday 17th June

    For more information go to:

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  • Barnet Teenage Market

    Published 15/06/18

    In May, students from Year 9 and 10 participated in the Barnet Teenage Market.  They raised a fantastic £550 which is especially good since this is the first year that QE has participated in this event.  

    Thank you to all who took part and to those who supported our students.  Thank you also to Ms Mujay for mentoring our six teams and for supervising the events during the half term period. 

    Photographs can be found below:

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  • School Production: Peter Pan

    Published 29/01/18

    Peter Pan tickets now on sale! 


    Students from across all years groups have been working hard since September to produce this year's spectacular school production.

    Peter Pan will be coming to the school hall for three nights: Wednesday 31st January, Thursday 1st February and Friday 2nd February. Buy your tickets now by following these three simple steps:

    1)Purchase your ticket through Wisepay 

    2)Print off the receipt 

    3)Exchange the receipt for a ticket at our Box Office (Room 216)

    available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday Lunchtimes 

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  • National Schools Poetry: QE Student Wins 3rd Place

    Published 24/11/17

    We are delighted to have received the news that Tito Molokwu has won third place in the Age 15-17 National Schools Poetry Competition 2017.  Her poem can be read below.

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  • Year 8 visit the National Portrait Gallery

    Published 13/11/17

    The Art department recently led a visit to The National Portrait Gallery.  Below is a review from some Year 8 students.

    "I loved going to The National Portrait Gallery as the whole experience was very well organised, fun and educational. All instructions given at the beginning of the day were clear and well-structured so we (as students) knew what to expect. When we arrived we went inside the gallery and were given an interesting and interactive lecture in the Ondaatje lecture theatre, about what portraits are. The extremely kind member of the gallery staff made us think and share our opinions. Additionally, she encouraged us to expand on our answers in order to express ourselves fully. Then we got the chance to view and embrace the pieces of art, which was fascinating as we got to see art from the Stuart and Victorian eras. We also saw work by artists such as Julian Opie who we are studying in class. Over all, my year and I had an incredible time visiting the National Portrait Gallery."

    - Holly Travi, Hannah Brewer, Eva Culverwell.  8AEA

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  • National Art and Design Saturday Club: Middlesex University

    Published 01/11/17

    The Art Department are delighted to announce that we are now part of the National Art and Design Saturday Club.

    The club is run by Middlesex University as one of over 50 Universities and colleges across the UK offering Saturday morning art classes and expert tuition. The year long programme includes Photography, print, and 3D workshops and ends with a fantastic exhibition and private view at Somerset House. Students will also be awarded with a certificate by Sir John Sorrell, internationally renowned designer, founder of the Sorrell Trust  and the National Saturday Clubs.

    We look forward to sharing their work with you later in the year.

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  • Celebrating diversity

    Published 30/10/17

    At Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School, we have focussed on diversity in its widest sense during the month of October, which has coincided with the 30 year anniversary of Black History Month in the UK.  To celebrate this, students have been learning about the achievements and contributions of British people of African and Afro-Carribbean heritage.  

    All Students have had an assembly on the theme of equality; where topics such as the lives of Martin Luther King and Harriet Tubman, have been explored.  In addition, students have had the opportunity to take part in different initiatives across the school in a variety of subject areas, notably English and Art.  We have held literary and creative quiz competitions and would like to congratulate Jasmine Salt in Year 7 who won the whole school quiz, which had over 100 entries.

    The Art department would like to congratulate Jessica Adu-Wiate from 10PKI for winning their competition.  Her entry used a range of materials including, paper, fabric, felt pen and collage.  The poster she designed gave information about Yaa Asantewaa, Queen mother of the Ashanti people. She wins the first prize of a bag of art goodies which includes: Sketch book, paints, brush and colouring pencils.  This should certainly help foster Jessica's creativity!  Her winning entry is shown below.



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  • Year 11 Air Cadets Flying High!

    Published 18/10/17

    Olivia Wariso 11JRN and Antigone Stockbridge 11TTH, both attend 1374 East Barnet Squadron. They have been members of the Air Cadets for over two years now, and have recently been promoted to the rank of Sergeant, within 5 months of becoming Corporals. The rank system is: Cadet, Corporal, Sergeant, Flight Sergeant and Cadet Warrant Officer and the promotion time between each of them normally ranges from 1-3 years, so to reach this milestone in such a short time is a significant achievement. They have clearly demonstrated strong leadership as well as a sense of maturity throughout their cadet careers.  This has been echoed in their approach to their GCSE studies and we are incredibly proud of Olivia and Antigone's approach. Congratulations to both of you and we look forward to reading about your continued success!

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  • Year 10 Visit Natural History Museum

    Published 16/10/17

    Our GCSE Art students have spent some time focusing on observational drawing as part of their course. Below is an account from two Year 10 students.

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  • Achievement Assemblies

    Published 02/10/17

    During Year Group assemblies this week, we have been celebrating achievements by issuing some of the much covetted "Commitment" and "Reslience" badges.  Resilience badges were awarded to students whose attendance last year was between 99.73% and 100%.  The Commitment badges were awarded to the large marjority of students who maintained their excellent behaviour records by achieving zero negative behaviour points.

    Many congratulations to all.  Full details of award winners can be found in the attachments below.

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  • Elle Gibson featured in the Evening Standard

    Published 12/09/17

    Talented golfer and current QE student, Elle Gibson, has been featured in The Evening Standard recently.  Elle is passionate about encouraging girls to consider playing golf.  She has also been incredibly successful, with a particular highlight being winning the American Golf Junior Championships earlier in the year.  We are very proud of Elle and look forward to celebrating her continued success in golf. 

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  • Year 10 Business - Young Enterprise Event

    Published 08/06/17

    To aid their studies in GCSE Business, 30 Year 10 students worked with representatives from Young Enterprise during a special half day workshop session. Students participated in a number of engaging activities throughout the day in order to help them develop an entrepreneurial mindset as well as improve their employability skills.  There were various activities, with talks on careers and employability skills.  The final activity was an innovation challenge, in which students were tasked to develop and market a new product using only a wire clothing hanger. The task required a lot of creativity and team work, which all 5 teams displayed in abundance.  There were some very unique uses of the clothing hanger and so judging the competition was tense!  The winning team, known by their Business name SALFAR,  comprised of  Fiona Rrudhani, Sally Pankhurst, Rebecca Ansah, Arwa Kamoka, Liya Ali and Andrea Ghasemy Doost​.  They successfully created and pitched a prototype shoe freshener called "Step Fresh" which is designed to freshen the smell of worn shoes whilst they are stored.​

    The winning team

    We would like to thank Young Enterprise for their time and we are looking forward to continuing to explore entrepreneurial skills as part of our current topic.

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  • London Symphony Orchestra Concert at the Barbican

    Published 26/05/17

    Our Music department recently visited the Barbican Centre with a group of Key Stage 3 students to listen to the London Symphony Orchestra.  Below is an account from two Year 8 students who were in attendance.

    "On Thursday 18th May, a selection of students were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to listen to the London Symphony Orchestra perform at the Barbican Centre, one of London’s greatest concert halls. Accompanied by our music teachers Mr Levy and Mr Verma, we travelled in anticipation via the underground (sheltered from the pouring rain) to Moorgate station.

    From there, we were only to walk through a couple of London’s busy streets in the heart of the City, past the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, to enter the Barbican Centre. In the entrance hall, that was modern and displayed details for all of the performances to be held there, we were privileged to meet Mr Colin Paris, sub- principal Double Bassist of the London Symphony Orchestra. We asked questions about the life of a musician which was highly inspiring. After a photograph, we enjoyed exploring the grand building before proceeding to listen to the orchestra  play works by Vaughan Williams, Brahms and Holst’s ‘Planets Suite’ in the concert hall.

    We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and feeling of a professional concert. It was amazing and we hope to go there again in the future."

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  • Year 9 visit the British Museum

    Published 19/05/17

    Our Year 9 students all had the opportunity to visit the British Museum.  Below is an account from one of many students who enjoyed this visit.

    "A trip full of breath-taking artefacts and wonderful culture; the Art department visit to the British museum was a wonderful opportunity for Year 9.  We learned about the history and culture of various different countries and how this influenced artwork of the time.  We also looked at the symbolism reflected in the artwork and connected this to some of the topics we have been studying this year.

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  • QEGS receive two SSAT awards

    Published 18/05/17

    On Wednesday 17th May, our Deputy Headteachers, Mr Duffy and Mr Jones, collected two SSAT awards on behalf of Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School.  The awards are in recognition of our best ever examination results at GCSE level in summer 2016.  We were awarded:

    • An attainment award for being in the top 10% of non selective schools nationally for attainment.
    • A progress award for being in the top 20% of non selective schools nationally for progress.
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  • Commemoration Day 2017; 129 years of QEGS

    Published 15/05/17

    This year marked 129 years since Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School was founded and we celebrated it over a two day period.

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  • "Stations of the future" competition winners

    Published 03/05/17

    On the 18th of April, six students from Year 8 went to the University of Westminster, Marylebone Campus, to take part in a competition against 12 other schools from the London area. This STEM competition was coordinated by EDT and the event was sponsored by Network Rail.  It was simply called 'Stations of the future' and students were invited to redesign an existing railway station, developing it to make it sustainable and safe,  incorporating the latest and upcoming technologies.

    For over 10 weeks, a group of students worked hard to create an architectural model, a presentation, and full report of their research, design ideas, final solution and testing. The competition was tough and there were many creative ideas but our team's hard work and original ideas paid off as they won the competition for their innovation and practical solution to problems at London Victoria.

    The award was presented by a very senior engineer from Network Rail who said that the reason the QEGS team won was because they listened very clearly to what the judging panel were looking for, but also had managed to design real solutions to real problems that Network Rail are trying to address with London Victoria. He also took photographs of the model as he was going to bring it to the table when discussing long term plans for London Victoria incorporating Crossrail 2, which the girls included in their design work.

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  • Student Magazine Goes Live! Read it here...

    Published 31/03/17

    The "QE Girl" magazine is the product of our Journalism club, led by Chair of Governors, Rebecca Hanley.  A number of staff and students have supported the Journalism Club to produce the first edition of what we hope will be a popular glimpse into life at the school.  

    With thanks to Maya, Amelia, Jessica, Jeannie, Kirstie and Christina, Anne-Eve, Tito and Niamh, Mikaela, Ella H, Cheryl and Rayan, Dana, Mathilda, Grace H, Dila, Mina and Grace A, Amnah and Sarah, Khouria and Katherine, Abigail, Rachel and Precious, Sienna, Cheryl, Rachel, Maddie, Eve, Ella P, Zara and everyone who came along to Journalism Club - even if it was just once! 

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  • Big Bang Competition Winners!

    Published 28/03/17

    Having entered the "Big Bang" Science competition for the first time, Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School not only had a particularly large number of groups entered into the finals, but we also left having won a national award!  Two Year 10 students have shared their experience of the process below.

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  • Sporting success for Queen Elizabeth's

    Published 21/03/17

    We are delighted to announce that Victoria Bishop-Laggett has secured a place on the Under 15 Middlesex Hockey team. This is an amazing achievement for Victoria and we hope to hear of her successes in the coming weeks.


    We are also thrilled to be able to congratulate  Lidia Kyriacou and Pearl Thomas-Bocking for achieving a place in the London Mini Marathon.  They will be representing Barnet, where only 6 runners were selected from the entire borough.  We wish them all the best of luck with their training and indeed their marathon.


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  • Record number of Year 10 students reach the finals of the 'Big Bang' competition 2017

    Published 11/03/17


    23 Year 10 students from Queen Elizabeth’s Girl’s in Barnet are through to the UK final of The Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers Competition after wowing judges at the regional heats.

    Year 10 Students Niamh Quinn, 14, Kirstie Harrison Dunne, 14, Sophie De Naeyer, 15, Zara Ahmadzai, 14, Muna Badiudeen, 15,  Nima Nor, 14, Zahrah Khan,  14, Loraine Benedict, 14, Paris Baheer, 14, Scarlett Schulz, 14, Sophie Peerless, 14, Akua Asare, 15, Anna Mason, 14, Ana McKenna-Ochoa, 15, Anna Campiani, 15, Emily Siu, 15, Rebecca Rajapakse, 15, Rosalind Cross, 14, Olivia Smith, 14, Maricar Armodia, 14, Ilia Sediq, 14, Dilan Cekin, 14, Afia Antwi, 14 and Riona Mustafa, 14 impressed the judges with their studies into:

    ·       Mars: Is it Possible?

    ·       Hydro Electricity

    ·       City Venture- The Future Of City Journeys

    ·       Research into the different types of bionics

    ·       Smart Materials, can they help medicine, transport and infrastructure in the future?

    ·       The possibility of inserting solar panels on the moon to provide a green source of electricity on the Earth.​

    ·       An app to help people contact each other without using the Internet after a natural disaster

    They will go on to join over 200 other project teams from across the UK in the finals, which take place during The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair at the Birmingham NEC, in mid March 2017.

    The Big Bang Competition is an annual contest designed to recognise and reward young people's achievements in all areas of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), as well as helping them build skills and confidence in project-based work.

    The competition is open to 11-18 year olds, and gives participants the chance to compete for top prizes such as international experiences worth over £50,000 and prestigious awards such as UK Young Scientist and UK Young Engineer of the Year.

    Commenting on Niamh, Kirstie, Sophie, Zara, Muna, Nima, Zahrah, Loraine, Paris, Scarlett, Sophie, Akua, Anna, Ana, Emily, Rebecca, Rosalind, Olivia, Maricar, Ilia, Dilan, Afia and Riona’s success, Paul Jackson, Chief Executive of EngineeringUK, which organises The Competition said:

    “This year’s entries to The Big Bang Competition highlight how talented the UK’s young scientists and engineers are. It’s easy to see why this project has secured a place at the national finals. We’re now excited about seeing all the finalists come together at The Fair in March, where they will have the chance to impress the judges and inspire other young visitors.”

    “Congratulations to Niamh, Kirstie, Sophie, Zara, Muna,  Nima, Zahrah, Loraine,Paris, Scarlett, Sophie, Akua, Anna, Ana, Emily, Rebecca, Rosalind, Olivia, Maricar, Ilia, Dilan, Afia, Riona and good luck for March.”


    Mr S Randhawa, from Queen Elizabeth’s Girl’s, said:

    “Having the opportunity to put theory into practice has been great fun and has given the girls an idea of just how interesting a career in the sciences could be. The project has also helped the students develop technical skills and learn how to work well together as a team. To be through to the national final is the icing on the cake – the girls can’t wait to show off their projects again and hope to come back from the UK finals in March with an award!"

    For more information visit

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  • Students rewarded for volunteering in the local community

    Published 07/03/17

    Four Year 11 students, Tiffany Connolly, Nina Longman, Bethan Nugent and Elissa Wallace took a break from their GCSE revision on Saturday 4th March to attend a Jack Petchey Award ceremony at Kensington Town Hall.  They were each presented with awards by the Mayor of Barnet for their contributions to 1st Barnet Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association.  As well as their commitment to the group, they were honoured for volunteering within the Anchors age group (5-8 year olds), which otherwise would have had to close down last year due to a lack of forthcoming volunteers needed to run the group.  We are incredibly proud of the thoughtfulness and commitment demonstrated by this group of student leaders.

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  • Copenhagen Visit

    Published 01/03/17

    During half term, three members of the English Department visited Copenhagen with 29 of our wonderful sixth form students. A review of this study visit can be found below.

    We set out at 3.30am from school and arrived bleary eyed in Copenhagen by 10.00am to settle in to our welcoming hostel, The Generator. The first day was spent recovering from a lack of sleep, exploring a brand new city and reassuring ourselves that the wi-fi worked and that Dominoes and TGIs were open. On the second day, we embarked on the main reason for our visit, the trip to Kronberg Castle, the inspiration for Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’. We enjoyed a breath-taking guided tour of the castle with the ‘real’ Horatio and speculated as to whether Shakespeare actually visited the castle in his younger life – it looked increasingly likely and pleased us to think so. The third day was spent in Copenhagen. A group of our students enjoyed a bus tour of the city, some intrepid girls ventured out on bikes and the rest of us walked around the city, visiting attractions like the Design Museum and the Little Mermaid. We had lunch in ‘Paper Island’, a wonderful venue full of street food and warmed ourselves on the braziers outside. We left our hopes and dreams on the trees within the art work of Yoko Ono. Never have teenagers walked this far without complaint! The final day was time for final sight seeing, shopping and eating as many pastries as possible.

    Overall, it was a wonderful trip spent in the company of our fantastic girls; as always they were a credit to the school, themselves and their families.  Special credit to Ms Kenney Dwyer and those who had to stay for an extra day, coping wonderfully with this unexpected challenge.

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  • Freud Museum Visit - Year 12 Psychology

    Published 08/02/17

    Students from our A-Level Psychology classes visited the Freud Museum on 8th February 2017 in Hampstead.  The aim was to learn more about Freud’s theories of personality and psychoanalysis; two themes that have been explored during recent lessons. The Museum’s education team offered a discussion session tailored around the A-Level specification to complement our study of the 'Biological Psychology' and 'Issues and Debates' strands of the course.  This was then followed by a question and answer session where many interesting points where made. There was an opportunity for a tour the Museum, where Freud and his family resided during the final years of his life.  A particular highlight was seeing Freud's psychoanalysis couch (pictured above).


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  • These Girls Can! Jui-Jitsu Success for QE sisters

    Published 06/02/17

    'This Girl Can' was developed by Sport England in order to help women overcome the fear of judgement which often stops many women and girls from joining in when it comes to sports.  Two sisters from Queen Elizabeth's, Bleta and Londrita, have been involved with This Girl Can and have gained a lot from the experience by achieving much success in Jui-Jitsu.  Londrita (in Year 12) took up the sport four years ago and is currently a brown belt, whilst her sister,  Bleta, (in Year 11) is a black belt, having been developing her martial arts skills for nine years. They will both be starring in a poster campaign for 'This Girl Can' and have recently appeared in the local press (click here).

    Bleta: "I am thrilled to be part of the 'This Girl Can' campaign and to be able to work with other amazing women. It was a very prestigious experience, and I have so many special memories from my involvement with the scheme. Even though being in the limelight was intimidating at times, I managed to stay strong and remember the inspiring cause my sister and I were promoting."

    Londrita: "Taking part in an empowering and inspirational campaign, such as the one of 'This Girl Can', will not be something that can be easily forgotten. I was able to meet and work with incredible women of all ages, but with whom we all shared a common goal- which was to encourage more women in sport through this campaign."

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  • Jack Petchey Award Winner

    Published 10/01/17

    Many congratulations to Laura Lopez in Year 10 for winning a Jack Petchey award which she was recently presented with in assembly.  We are delighted that her caring approach has been recognised. Below is an excerpt from her award nomination.

    "Laura is an encouraging friend who is always there when you need her. Her consistent hard work during class influences others to work harder.

    When a fellow student was in severe pain due to a stomach condition on the local bus, Laura asked the bus driver to stop and handled the situation remarkably well. Laura called the friend’s mum as well as the school, all the while remaining calm. She is exceptionally caring and she can make friends very easily.

    Laura has kindly chosen to spend her £250 to fund a GCSE English school trip to the theatre to see “An Inspector Calls”. "


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  • Visit to the London Schools Symphony Orchestra concert

    Published 06/01/17

    The Music department recently visited the Barbican to attend the "Soviet Sensibilities" concert by the London Schools Symphony Orchestra. The theme of this sell out concert was music that had been written under the shadow of communist dictatorship. Some reports from students who attended the visit:

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  • Choir perform for Abbey Ravenscroft Nursing Home

    Published 08/12/16

    We were delighted to be able to take some students to the Abbey Ravenscroft nursing home in order to perform for the residents.  Here is some feedback from students who were in attendance:

    "On Tuesday 6th of December, we (the school choir) went to Abbey Ravenscroft Park Nursing Home. When we arrived, the staff greeted us kindly. After setting up, we began singing! It was heart-warming to see all the older people smiling and singing along with us! Plus, the staff treated us with drinks and snacks afterwards! Before leaving, we all chatted with everyone there – they were all so kind!"

    - Anna Fearnhead 

    "The choir went on a trip to Abbey Ravenscroft Nursing Home. We all sang Christmas carols to the older people and it was really fun! We even got to eat biscuits and talk to the older people afterwards.  They were all very knowledgable about the local area and had some good stories to tell us. It was a lovely experience​"

    - Laizina Aikebaier

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  • Year 8 win trophy design competition

    Published 05/12/16

    "In early October this year, a competition was set to see who could design the best trophy based on volunteering for the European Volunteering Capital 2017. Every student in Year 8 was given the chance to enter, but only seven could be shortlisted. Miss Davis (Head of Year 8) chose the designs submitted by the following students: Verona (8ANZ), Brigette (8EWT), Amy (8EAO), Yan (8HWN), Madeline (8MEA), Mathilda (8MEA) and Temilola (8MEA). These seven designs were sent forward to the sculptor of the trophy, Mr Guy Portelli. He decided which designs provided him with the most inspiration. Out of many schools from London, Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ School was chosen as the winning design.

    Our seven students and Miss Davis were invited to attend a special conference in City Hall on Monday 5th December. We left school feeling excited and travelled to Central London by tube. We were taking many photos as we walked along the south bank of the River Thames towards City Hall. 

    When we arrived, we were welcomed by an official and taken through security to meet Mr Portelli, who created the European Volunteering Capital 2017 trophy. We sat down with him as he talked to us about his innovative design, which consists of all colours of the Union Jack and the Irish flag. He explained the influence of our designs on his final model. The trophy is “Hands up for volunteering” which was based on people wanting to help. Two of our students were chosen to help in presenting the trophy to Sligo, Ireland, on stage later in the conference.

    After the meeting and group photos with Mr Portelli, we were taken to our seats in the front row of the Chamber at the bottom of the helical stairway. The conference started with speeches from Laura Brown (Member of Team London) and Matthew Ryder (Deputy Mayor of Social Integration, Social Mobility and Community Engagement). Prior the presentation of the 2017 award, the announcement of 2018 winner was made – Aarhus, Denmark.

    Finally, it was time to present the trophy to the winner of the European Volunteering Capital 2017. Madeline and Brigette were on stage to witness the presentation. After the conference was over, we ate our lunch and started to make our journey back to school, reflecting on the great experience that we all had."

    By Amy Li (8EAO) and Yan Lee (8HWN)

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  • QE alumni release debut single

    Published 01/12/16

    Former students Naz and Ella are about to release their debut single "Love is Love" after having been recognised by the BBC and chosen to be 'single of the week' on a local radio station.  Naz and Ella started collaborating after working together in GCSE Music here at Queen Elizabeth's over 6 years ago.  They are excited to be releasing their debut single and will follow this up with an EP which is available in the new year. 

    To listen to Naz and Ella's debut single please visit their website:

    View a recent news article on the Times website: click here

    Follow Naz and Ella on Twitter:

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  • Year 10 Speak Out Challenge

    Published 30/11/16

    On 25th November we held workshops for our Year 10 students to learn about public speaking and to experience working as part of a group.  Students were challenged to devise and deliver a persuasive talk on given topics and were coached by experts on body language, voice and delivery style.  The day was very interesting for all concerned.

    "I would never have imagined that within a normal school day I'd be given such an opportunity. We were taught how to speak in public with structure and confidence. These were just a few of the many skills I gained during my time at the Speak Out Challenge workshop. With these atrributes, the foundation on which to build my future is made stronger.​"

    Igochi Elechi 10NAL


    "At the Speak Out Challenge we started by getting to know the other people in the group. We did this by each standing up and stating our names and ambitions for the future. The group leader would then interject every couple of mini speaaches and give us tips on how to interest our audience, such as tellling personal stories and keeping eye contact. By the end of the workshop we were all much more confident at public speaking. After lunch we each delivered a short speech on a topic of our choice. During the day we all became much more confident. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity."

    Sara Khafife 10NAL

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  • History AIM conference 2016

    Published 28/11/16

    Students from our A-Level History classes visited the AIM History conference in the Camden Centre on 25th November 2016 to learn about the Tudors.  Here is some feedback from two members of the group.

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  • Women of the Future Ambassador Reception 2016

    Published 18/11/16
    "On Friday 18th November 2016, five Sixth Form students had the opportunity to go to the Woman of the future Ambassadors Programme and were accompanied by Mrs Walker.  The event was very prestigious and was held in Lloyds bank in central
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  • Year 11 Business - female entrepreneurs

    Published 10/11/16

    In Business Studies, our GCSE students in Year 10 were tasked with investigating a female entrepreneur (UK or US) that they admired.  They had to write at least one page about them, explaining their:

    • Background (Education, Grow up or work, Personality etc.)
    • Business (Product/Service, UK/abroad)
    • How successful are they (Rich list, Awards etc.)
    • Mistakes/ Failures : Have they made bad decisions in business.​

    All students completed this task and in groups of four they decided which female entrepreneur they wanted to present to the class and why.  Each group held a 5 minute timed presentation on the above criteria and answered questions about their entrepreneur.  This project was very well received and the contributions were very strong, with some very positive student feedback:


    Sally Pankhurst

    "Everyone was included and took part in all presentations as we had clear roles.  It was inspiring looking at their (female entrepreneurs) backgrounds and learning about the key to their successes"

    Arwa Kamoka

    "I loved it! I feel as though women are not valued enough in society and given opportunities to be independent and to be able to set up a business, so studying this topic made me feel proud and I had a feeling of satisfaction to see women who proved societies expectations wrong"

    Humairaa Patel

    "The presentations were strong and researching about entrepreneurs was interesting, as I found out the secret behind a successful entrepreneur".​

    Holly O'Sullivan

    "I thought doing the presentations in class was fun and it was good working in groups, because it is a different way of learning and I learned from working with others"

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  • Cross Country Success

    Published 19/10/16

    Well done to the Queen Elizabeth's Girls School cross country teams, who all performed incredibly well in the recent Barnet Schools cross country league events.  These were held at Allianz Park sports fields and we competed against a number of local schools.  

    Our Year 7 team came 3rd overall and the combined Year 8/9 team came 5th (and this is a fantastic result as they did not field a full team in race 1 due to last minute illnesses).  We are delighted by the performance of all of our students, in particular our Year 10/11 team who won the Barnet League. 

    Thank you to our PE department for their support of our athletes and also many thanks to Victoria Peters 11SKT who has been coaching the cross country team every week as part of her GCSE PE course. 

    We look forward to further further successes in the Barnet Schools cross Country Championships on 12th January 2017.

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  • STEM visit to Accenture

    Published 18/10/16

    A group of our Year 10 students were recently invited to attend a STEM themed learning day which was held in the impressive office of Accenture, in the heart of The City.  Below is an account from one of our students, Akua.

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  • Year 7 cells project

    Published 14/10/16

    In their Science lessons during this half term, Year 7 have been studying cells as part of the "Building blocks of life" topic.  Each student was asked to make a model cell in order to appreciate their 3D nature and to incorporate some of the learning from this topic.  As can be seen from the image above, our students have been incredibly creative, making cells from fabric (to look like a cushion), paper mache, sponges, plasticene, modelling clay and even cake ingredients!  The types of cells made varied from red blood cells to palisade leaf cells and a range of facts from the topic had been used in the final design. 

    The Science department would like to thank Year 7 for their impressive efforts during this project.

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  • Art study visit to the Natural History Museum, Tring

    Published 10/10/16

    Our Year 10 Art students visited the Natural History Museum in Tring on 4th October 2016.  Below is some feedback from two students.

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  • A-Level English Literature Mrs Dalloway London Walk

    Published 06/10/16

    Our English Literature Year 13 students recently enjoyed a visit to London to complement their study of Virginia Woolf's novel 'Mrs Dalloway'.  The novel is set in central London and during the walk, the group visited key locations and read and discussed specific extracts. It was a wonderful way of immersing students fully into the context of the novel and it made everyone realise what a fantastic resource we have on our doorstep!


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  • Planting in the upper courtyard

    Published 29/09/16

    After months of work, the final stage of our upper courtyard redevelopment commenced today; the planting of box hedging around the perimeter of our new sheltered seating area. 

    With the kind support of Mrs Lane, a member of our Governing Body, six students braved the weather to both prepare the soil and do the planting itself.  Mrs Walker planted the very first box hedge and our team of budding gardeners planted the remaining plants (over 100 of them!) whilst learning about horticulture with Mrs Lane.  Following the completion of the gardening, the upper courtyard area has now officially reopened with our new snack pod opening to serve hot and cold snacks at break and lunch time.


    "We were very excited to be part of the team who were planting in the courtyard, knowing that in a few years time we can see the results of our hard work as the hedge grows.  We learned about gardening and most importantly about working as an efficient team.  We had to come up with a system to ensure that the job was completed well and that we prepared the ground and spaced the plants effectively.  We can't wait to see others enjoying this space over the next few days."

    Trixie, Year 8 and Georgina, Year 9


    We are very grateful to Mrs Lane and to our student volunteers for their efforts in creating what will be a beautiful outdoor space to be enjoyed by many in the months and years to come.  

    Mrs Walker planting the first box hedge
    Mrs Lane and our student volunteers hard at work

    The courtyard in use at lunchtime


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  • Rambert Dance Workshop

    Published 23/09/16

    Our Head Girl, Samantha Felton, recently won a Jack Petchey award for her service to the school community.  As part of her award, she received a grant for a school based project which would bring a positive impact to a group of other students.  Passionate about dance and keen to reach out to our younger students, Samantha decided to use her Jack Petchey grant to run a masterclass in contemporary dance with the Rambert Dance Company.  A lot was learned and the workshop was fast paced and energetic, with students being incredibly eager to learn; something which was commented upon afterwards by the Rambert Dance Company.

    Here are some accounts from students who participated in the workshop:

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  • National Golf Tournament Winner, Elle Gibson

    Published 19/09/16

    We are thrilled to congratulate Elle Gibson for winning the American Junior Golf Championship for under 18s.  Over 500 people entered the championships and of these 500 people, 36 managed to qualify.  At the finals, Elle appeared live on Sky Sports and after winning she was also interviewed by the Barnet Times, appearing on their front cover (details below).

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  • Year 7 Shoebox Presentations

    Published 09/09/16

    The shoebox project is a Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School tradition and this year our new Year 7 students have really impressed us with their creativity and hard work.  The project forms part of our transition programme; in July we asked all Year 7 students to create a shoebox  which they would then present to their tutor group during their first week of school.  Here are some accounts from two students along with some of the many shoeboxes which are currently on display in our school.

    "Our shoe box project theme was 'looking back and looking forwards'. I created my shoebox in the summer holidays all by myself and I included pictures of my friends and family as well as some objects which meant a lot to me.  I chose to include my first ever swimming goggles as well as my tap shoes.  When other students presented their shoe boxes, I really learned a lot about their Primary School experience and their ambitions.  It was very interesting to find out more about my class mates and I enjoyed creating my shoe box."

    Emily McMillan

    "My experience at QE so far has been amazing and the best part of it was presenting my shoe box.  In a nutshell we had to take a shoe box, decorate it and then put objects that meant something to us inside the box. This project allowed me to find out something about the other people in my tutor group.  We have lots in common and I learned a lot about other people's personalities, hobbies and interests."

    True Fuller

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  • Best ever examination results at GCSE and A-Level

    Published 05/09/16

    We are delighted to announce that our 2016 examination results were our best ever set of results at both GCSE and A-Level for students of all abilities and backgrounds.  

    At GCSE level, 81% of our students achieved 5A*-C grades including English and Mathematics and our results place us well above the national average and also above the Barnet average as well.

    53% of our A-Level grades were  A*-B grades, with one student, Rachel Berlingieri, gaining three A* grades at A-Level.  

    Our value added is very strong at GCSE and A-Level which tells us that students at Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School achieve better than expected results and results which are above the national averages.

    For further details about our examination results, please click here.

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  • London School of Economics Summer School

    Published 19/07/16
    On Monday 4th July – Friday 8Th July I was one of seven Q.E. students who had the opportunity to go to The London School of Economics (LSE) Summer School. This is a prestigious university as well as being one of the best in the UK, which specia
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  • 8CBS Charity Fundraiser

    Published 16/07/16

    One of our Year 8 tutor groups, 8CBS, organised a charity fundraising event which was held on Saturday 16th July 2016.  Not only did the girls have to wake up early on a Saturday, but they also baked and decorated a large quantity of cakes to sell.  The event was held at a local market and the girls had to arrive particularly early in order to secure a good stall.  During the day they sung to shoppers in order to raise awareness of their stall and to gain the support of those who passed by.  

    Whilst we have many charity fundraising events here at Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School, we are particularly proud of 8CBS who organised their event during the weekend.  All proceeds are being donated to Breast Care UK and although we are yet to receive final sales figures, we are confident they will have raised an impressive amount of money and that it will go to a very good cause.

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  • Holocaust Survivor Presents to Year 9

    Published 15/07/16

    Year 9 had the privilege of listening to the testimony of Holocaust Survivor George Vulkan. We would like to thank our students for being a true credit to the school and for thinking of some excellent questions that made for an even more worthwhile experience. We would also like to thank the Holocaust Educational Trust for helping to organise the event and most importantly, we extend our sincere gratitude to George Vulkan for retelling his very moving story and for delivering some very inspirational messages about prejudice and discrimination to our students. The accounts from students below demonstrate just how much they learned from the experience.

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  • Our students graduate from The Girls' Network

    Published 14/07/16

    A number of our Year 9 students have taken part in The Girls’ Network mentoring scheme this year and had their last session this week. The students involved have travelled into central London once a month to visit very successful businesswomen from the Level 3 company and have been given guidance in ensuring that they are able to achieve the career paths they want.

    Last week, all students involved were invited to attend their graduation ceremony and received awards for taking part in the scheme. They also received life-long membership to The Girls’ Network which will mean that they will continue to have aces to work experience opportunities and guidance on how to achieve their goals. Please see below some of the students’ comments about the evening and thank you to everyone at The Girls’ Network for making it such a memorable evening!


    “I found the graduation ceremony very enjoyable. Throughout the year I learned that I should never give up and I should always work hard. I also learned that it’s okay to not know what you want to do in the future. Instead, you should be open minded and take up as many opportunities as possible then choose what you love to do”

    Candice Kini 9HCR


    “At the graduation ceremony, I was privileged enough to be able to listen to a few successful women who taught me how to be more ambitious in my career choices. The women inspired me by teaching me that it is alright not to be 100% sure of your future, and to always keep your options open. I would definitely recommend this programme to other students as it gives you more skills and knowledge for the future”

    Dilara Guzeller 9JPR


    “When we went to the graduation ceremony for The Girls’ Network, the thing that really stuck in my mind was Pinky Lilani’s speech. To hear how far she had come and all the things she had done was really inspiring. What was even more inspirational is that she is still herself and still has the same morals from when she started her very successful career”

    Rosalind Cross 9TTH


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  • Jack Petchey Award Winners

    Published 13/07/16

    On Tuesday 12th July, we celebrated the individual achievements of a variety of students in the school who have won Jack Petchey awards this year. In addition, Mr Clarkson (Head of History) gained a leadership award having been nominated by his Year 11 tutor group.  Full details for all award winners can be found below.

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  • Year 7 Time for Lunch Competition

    Published 12/07/16

    Year 7 were set the challenge of devising a new sandwich, packaging and logo to be sold at the Honey Bee cafe on Barnet High street. The project was a combined Food and Graphics project and required students to undertake an analysis of the current products sold at the Honey Bee and to then create branding related to the seasons. In addition to this, our students utilised the practical skills they learned this year, for example, bread making, sauce making, en-robing (coating) a sandwich filling, taste testing,  and nutritional analysis to create their product. The results were excellent and Miss Slee and Mr. Petrie were impressed with the results, particularly the level of bread making skill given the time constraints.  Judging the competition was very difficult indeed but we are pleased to announce the following winners:



    1st - Serena Shah

    2nd - Rachel 

    3rd - Annie Lang



    1st - Clarice Hitner

    2nd - Daisy Fischer

    3rd - Katy Smith


    Delicious looking sandwich - freshly baked bread and a wide range of skills used
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  • National Award Winners in Year 7

    Published 06/07/16

    Cut Films is a peer to peer film and social media project educating young people about the dangers of smoking and Queen Elizabeth's have had a long standing involvement with this project for several years.

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  • Excellence in sports at the Barnet Championships

    Published 05/07/16

    Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School was one of 15 schools competing in the Barnet championships on Tuesday 5th July 2016.  The competition required students to compete in heats before qualifying for finals where the competition for medals began. We are incredibly proud to have been represented very well by our students; many personal bests were achieved and performance was strong in all categories. In particular, we won an incredible 8 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 5 bronze medals.  Very well done to all students who participated and thank you very much to our PE department for their support of our students.  A list of medallists is below.

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  • Author visits to the library

    Published 01/07/16

    We were fortunate enough to host two author visits this week; one from Siobhan Curham and another from Nat Luurtsema.

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  • Barnet Cut Films Success

    Published 28/06/16

    On Friday 24th June Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ School were invited to the Local Awards Event for a Year 7 project we took part in earlier in the year during PSHCE lessons.  The project involved producing, filming and editing a short information film about the dangers of smoking alongside the charity CUT Films and the Media department.

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  • Presentation Matters

    Published 26/06/16

    Our annual "Presentation Matters" day is always a highlight for Year 9 as they learn presentation skills and find out more about the workplace.  Below is some feedback from one of the students involved in the day.

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  • EU Referendum

    Published 24/06/16

    To mark the referendum on whether or not Britain should remain a part of the European Union, we held a mock election on Thursday 23rd June 2016.  Students took part in a secret ballot in our mock polling station with an impressive 66% of the school community casting their vote.

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  • "Women of the Future" Conference

    Published 22/06/16

    On Wednesday 22nd of June members of our sixth form represented the school at the “Women of the Future Ambassador’s Programme” conference which was held in The City.  The US Ambassador, Matthew Barzun, spoke of his work in supporting relations between the UK and the USA.  Below is some feedback from a student who attended the conference.

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  • BMX London Youth Games

    Published 20/06/16

    Grace Bryceland in 8SVA took part in the BMX London Youth Games last weekend, representing team Barnet for the 12-15 age group. Grace placed highly in her qualifying rounds, making it through to the extremely competitive final, racing against older and some elite performers.  In the final, Grace placed fourth overall which is a fantastic achievement and one that she is quite rightly very proud of. Her dedication and passion towards BMX racing is very inspiring and we wish her continued success.

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  • Year 10 Study Skills Seminar

    Published 17/06/16

    In preparation for their first GCSE mock examinations, our Year 10 students had a seminar from Elevate Education on the topic of "memory and mnemonics".  Below is some feedback from our students.

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  • Food, glorious food!

    Published 16/06/16

    Three top catering companies vied with each other to be in charge of the dining experience at Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School.


    Each company explained their exciting new ideas and menus.  Three lucky students were part of a panel also comprising of staff, governors and parents.  As well as the quality and taste of the food we thought about the price - and we also examined ways to reduce the queues.   One of the students involved in the session commented:

    "We had a lot of fun trying all of the new and interesting food.  My favourite dish was the traffic light jelly but I also liked the drinks on offer as well."  Sophia Year 7

    Once we have considered, cogitated and digested we will let you know the outcome but we were all very excited about the changes which are in the pipeline.


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  • Barnet Libraries Carnegie Shadowing Event

    Published 15/06/16

    On Friday 10th June, Barnet Libraries held the annual Carnegie Shadowing Event at Hendon Town Hall. The guest speaker was Tanya Landman, the winner from last year for her book 'Buffalo Soldiers'.

    The 8 short listed books were discussed by students and after much discussion a vote was taken with our chosen book being 'Lies we tell ourselves' by  Robyn Talley.  Some students from 9ABL spoke about the event...

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  • Kew Gardens Study Visit

    Published 15/06/16

    Our Science department organised a study visit to Kew Gardens on Monday 13th June 2016.  Below is some feedback from one of the students who participated in this event.


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  • LAMDA Success

    Published 14/06/16

    Our English department have been working with LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Art) to deliver a qualification in communication and performance.  

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  • Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

    Published 13/06/16

    Our Year 10 students took part in their qualifying expedition for the bronze Duke of Edinburgh award this weekend.  A large number of students were involved this year and there was a great atmosphere on the campsite, particularly given that the weather was not ideal this weekend!  A brief report from two students is below.

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  • Year 9 London Knowledge Quiz

    Published 10/06/16

    The London knowledge quiz is a competition introduced by the Mayor of London in order to help students learn more about the capital city.  Each participating school can enter one team of up to four students and the quiz itself must be taken online and without any teacher support.  Below is some feedback from team QE!

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  • Paralympic Gold Medalist Tim Prendergast and Sky Sports Living

    Published 09/06/16

    On Wednesday 8th June, Paralympic gold medallist Tim Prendergast visited our school to conduct workshops with Year 10 students in conjunction with the Sky Sports “Living for Sport” programme.  He also spoke to Year 7 about his experience as a paralympian during a special assembly.  Students involved in these activities have written about this below.

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  • UK Mathematics Challenge Successes

    Published 07/06/16

    We are delighted that a very large number of our students chose to take part in the UK Mathematics challenge this year.  We are particularly pleased to share their successes in what is our best year yet.  Certificate winners are shown below.

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  • Year 9 "Inspiring Women" event

    Published 25/05/16

    We were invited to participate in the UK Automotive 30% Club Inspiring Women event which was held on Tuesday 24th May 2016 at the Silverstone Race Track.  The event was organised by a number of managing directors and CEOs from organisations connected with the automotive industry who seek to close the gender gap in the industry.  Below is some feedback from two students who attended the event.

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  • Commemoration Day Cake Competition 2016

    Published 13/05/16

    Our annual commemoration day cake competition proved to be incredibly popular yet again with some very imaginative cakes this year!  

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  • Drama Department Visit The Old Vic

    Published 06/05/16

    On Thursday 5th May a group of Year 13,12 and 11 Drama Students were fortunate enough to attend a performance of The Caretaker by Harold Pinter at the Old Vic.

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  • A-Level Biology Juniper Hall Visit

    Published 26/04/16

    On Friday 22nd April, 17 A Level Biology Students along with Ms Myrtle and Mrs Robertson headed off travelling by tube, train and then bus to the wilds of Surrey and Juniper Hall, a Field Studies Council Centre.

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  • Year 10 First Aid

    Published 25/04/16

    As part of their PSHE lessons, our Year 10 students have been learning first aid.  The sessions were incredibly popular and it is clear that our students have learned a lot.

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  • Year 8 write a novel: "They Kept The Secret"

    Published 21/04/16

    Ten of our Year 8 students demonstrated strong team working skills and commitment through writing a novel which has recently been published.  The novel explores many themes including friendship, grief and coping with mental illness and it is currently being sold online to raise funds for charity.

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  • Seville Study Visit

    Published 25/03/16

    Now there is just one and only one word to describe Seville and that word is beautiful...

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  • Barnet Youth Democracy

    Published 22/03/16

    Four of our Year 10 and 11 students were selected to represent Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School and to learn about the democratic processes at Barnet Council.  Over a number of weeks, our students attended various council meetings and took part in debates with local councillors as part of follow on workshop sessions.  The following is an account of Maisie's experience.

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  • Year 9 British Gymnastics Judging

    Published 21/03/16

    An impressive number of students from Year 9 have been working towards gaining a national qualification in judging gymnastics.  This week they utilised all of their learning through leading and officiating a gymnastics competition for Primary School students.  

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  • GCSE Drama Showcase Evenings

    Published 16/03/16

    On Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th March parent's and friends' had the opportunity to see the GCSE drama pieces which had been examined on the previous Friday.

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  • Product Design Visit to Coca-Cola

    Published 14/03/16

    Sixth Form Product Design students visited the Coca-Cola manufacturing plant in Edmonton today in order to experience the production line and put what they have been learning in lessons into a real life context.  Students were able to see several automated processes including how the bottles were produced and stacked.  They were also able to find out more about the sophistocated logistical software used to manage how stock is sent to major retailers across the country.


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  • English Literature Visit to the Rose Theatre

    Published 26/02/16

    On Thursday 25th February, Year 12 English Literature students and half of the English Department teaching staff visited the Rose Theatre at Bankside to view  a production of Hamlet. 

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  • Ski Trip 2016 - Prato Nevoso, Italy

    Published 17/02/16

    Early in the morning on the 13th February, 44 pupils and 4 staff travelled to the Ski Resort of Prato Nevoso in Northern Italy. The trip had been planned over fourteen months and the students were extremely excited to be finally on their way for a week’s great skiing. 

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  • QEGS came alive to the sound of music

    Published 12/02/16

    Seventy of our girls spent six months preparing and rehearsing for a spectacular production of The Sound of Music which ran for three nights from February 10th - 12th 2016.

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  • Year 9 Battlefields Visit 2016

    Published 03/02/16

    On Wednesday 3rd February, over seventy Year 9 students travelled with staff to Belgium, for a three day visit to further their our knowledge of the events of World War One.  The following is an account compiled from extracts of students’ journals:

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  • Author and Manga Artist in residence

    Published 02/02/16

    We are delighted that Year 8 students have been able to work with the artist Sonia Leong who has introduced them to the world of Manga.  Her presentations are lively and informative and her workshops in the Library have been very well received. 

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  • Women for Women's Health

    Published 28/01/16

    All of Year 10 attended various talks and workshops regarding women's health and the promotion of healthy lifestyles.  It was a very enjoyable day where our students also received some nutritional treats to take away.

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  • The Tomorrow Project

    Published 15/12/15

    Year 13 Drama and Theatre Studies students were fortunate enough to take part in 'The Tomorrow Project', run by The Donmar Warehouse Theatre.

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  • Longest Reigning Monarch

    Published 14/09/15

    Did you know that the first state school Queen Elizabeth II visited was Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School?

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  • Winners - Cut Films

    Published 22/06/15

    We are proud to announce that at the cut films award ceremony we won 3 awards.

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  • CBBC Cinemaniacs – Frozen in mid leap

    Published 27/02/15

    Our Year 8 students were lucky enough to take part in filming for a new CBBC television show to be broadcast as part of the Cinemaniacs series.

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  • Digital Leader Visit To Microsoft

    Published 27/02/15

    On National Safer Internet Day our students were one of only three schools invited to visit the Microsoft Offices in Victoria, London. Read on for Nancy's report on their vist.......

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  • E-Safety Video Project

    Published 21/01/15

    Following their ongoing peer education work on e-safety, our Year 11 Digital Leaders were approached by Childnet International to take part in a national campaign for next month's Safer Internet Day  -

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  • Cross Country Team Success

    Published 11/12/14

    A huge Congratulations to the Year 7, 8 and 9 Combined and Senior QE Cross country Teams who have shown great commitment and have worked tirelessly this year, often contending all kinds of terrible weather to train exceptionally hard and quite deservedly WIN first place in the Barnet League Competitions.

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  • We are Liars

    Published 28/11/14

    We are delighted to report that our Year 7 student Ella's review was selected by the Guardian for their 'Young Critics Award' recently.

    She chose to write about 'We Were Liars' by E.Lockhart. It was an amazing achievement to be selected in this national competition.

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  • MiCommunity

    Published 28/11/14

    A massive well done to the Year 11, 12 and 13 students who helped to make the MiCommunity programme run so well this year.
    The ageUk programme has always been successful, however, this year was the most successful yet, with a record 16 elderly learners in one session and all of us struggling to fit into the computer room.

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  • Author Visit

    Published 13/11/14

    Author Phil Earle visits QEGS

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  • 125 Commemoration Day Cakes

    Published 15/06/14

    Another year of Fantastic Commemoration Day Cakes

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  • Young Enterprise Team reach London finals!

    Published 09/05/14

    Read how team 'Purity' won an award for 'The Best Team Report'

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