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Year 9 British Gymnastics Judging

An impressive number of students from Year 9 have been working towards gaining a national qualification in judging gymnastics.  This week they utilised all of their learning through leading and officiating a gymnastics competition for Primary School students.  

We were very proud of our students who demonstrated excellent leadership skills and professionalism throughout the day.  Collated below is some feedback from those involved.


Zara Peart, 9ABL

"My experience judging primary school children's gymnastics was brilliant. This was a really good opportunity for the people who want to take GCSE PE to improve their performances through judging and evaluating other people, not only the people you know, but other citizens. I had a fantastic time. Thank you so much for organising this event for us to be a part of"


Ashley Stewart, Strategic Manager of Barnet Partnership for School Sport

"Thank you especially to the leaders from QE Girls School who conducted themselves in a professional manner throughout! Well done!”


Two of the Primary Schools that participatd in the event contacted us afterwards with some very positive feedback:


Christine McCormick, Goodwyn School

"Thank you for all your hard work organising the Key Steps Competition yesterday, the Goodwyn children thoroughly enjoyed themselves whether they won a medal or not. The atmosphere you created was friendly and relaxed, so the children didn't feel intimidated and could produce their best work. It was all they could talk about today at school."


Sue Littleford, Osidge School

"Our children enjoyed the competition so much that I am looking at putting the routines into a scheme of work for all years so we can bring more children next year!"