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Seville Study Visit

Now there is just one and only one word to describe Seville and that word is beautiful...

The people, the culture, the monuments, the atmosphere and the blend of modern and historic features was just spectacular.  Every time I said a simple word such as “Hola” people would immediately say it back with friendliness and that’s something I am grateful for very much because the people in Seville made me feel at home and safe.  Knowing that some people could speak English was a bonus for me but I liked the challenge of hearing fluent Spanish and trying to have a conversation.  This was something that I could work on whilst at the Spanish school which was a warm and welcoming place.  When we first arrived, we went to the Maria Luisa Park and it was a reminder of what peace and tranquility looks and sounds like.  We saw birds on our journey and fed them food.  I saw the expressions on my classmates’ faces; they were content and happy with their surrounding sand it was lovely to witness what a change of environment can do to a person. 

When I immediately got off the plane to London, I felt saddened because although my family and entire life is in London, I still couldn’t help but miss Spain. I feel like Spain is a place where you can take a breather and enjoy the pleasure of the language and how it’s spoken as well as the different culture.  I enjoyed learning about Spain and the confidence it has given me with my Spanish.

Naomi Okorie.