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Year 9 London Knowledge Quiz

The London knowledge quiz is a competition introduced by the Mayor of London in order to help students learn more about the capital city.  Each participating school can enter one team of up to four students and the quiz itself must be taken online and without any teacher support.  Below is some feedback from team QE!

We were given an information pack that had pre-reading consisting of websites and books on relevant topics like the River Thames in the 1800s, architecture through time and Trafalgar Square and the fourth plinth.  It was quite challenging as the materials were very detailed and there was a lot information to remember.  We had to answer a variety of questions based on the pre-reading such as "Which tube line crosses all London tube lines?", "Where was David Bowie born?", "What came first, the black death or the great plague?", "Where does tea, rum, silk and sugar come from?" etc.

We found some of the questions quite difficult and had to take a few calculated risks.  Overall we are hopeful that we have done well enough to get to the next round of the competition.  The final round is being held live at the Museum of London so that would be an exciting opportunity as the prize is a certificate from the Mayor of London himself.

Olivia Smith, Chloe Goes, Humairaa Patel, Rose Cross