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Barnet Libraries Carnegie Shadowing Event

On Friday 10th June, Barnet Libraries held the annual Carnegie Shadowing Event at Hendon Town Hall. The guest speaker was Tanya Landman, the winner from last year for her book 'Buffalo Soldiers'.

The 8 short listed books were discussed by students and after much discussion a vote was taken with our chosen book being 'Lies we tell ourselves' by  Robyn Talley.  Some students from 9ABL spoke about the event...

We were put into groups with students from other schools to allow us to discuss the books we preferred. It was interesting to see how opinions differed and the group leaders made us feel very included and welcome with everyone having a chance to contribute. The different schools did presentations on the books, explaining what they enjoyed, and explaining context and the plot of the book. We voted for 'The Lies we tell ourselves' by Robin Talley as the winner for Barnet. We were hoping to buy a signed copy of the book at the end of the day but unfortunately the book resellers did not arrive in time.  We enjoyed the event as it was a good opportunity to read some new books and to work with other students from across Barnet.