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Year 10 Study Skills Seminar

In preparation for their first GCSE mock examinations, our Year 10 students had a seminar from Elevate Education on the topic of "memory and mnemonics".  Below is some feedback from our students.

This morning Year 10 gathered in the hall for a seminar on learning by Elevate Education.  The seminar began with the presenter, Joe, asking a series of questions around our individual memory capacity.  In order to engage his audience, Joe brought up a member of our year group to make the seminar more interactive.  They had to devise a mnemonic to learn a given set of information.

Throughout the seminar, we learned about different revision techniques which could help to make our revision more effective, efficient and engaging through a series of short, sharp sessions.  It was very beneficial for us as we have our end of year mock examinations approaching at the end of June.  These revision techniques will give us a head start in preparation for our actual GCSE examinations next year.

Taylor Olive 10CSN


Our session with Elevate lasted for around an hour and we were visited by a recent University graduate called Joe.  He made sure we were engaged at all times by using memorable examples and some fun activities which were also based on his own experience.  The techniques included being able to take memorable notes and how to create effective mind maps.  He also covered the use of colour and how this can help trigger both sides of the brain, helping to aid retention.  I now understand the importance of regular revision by using different techniques because everyone has a different method of learning.  This was a fun and useful experience which will be helpful for quite some time.

Lily Rowland 9ABL