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Presentation Matters

Our annual "Presentation Matters" day is always a highlight for Year 9 as they learn presentation skills and find out more about the workplace.  Below is some feedback from one of the students involved in the day.

Today, I was part of a workshop that the whole of Year 9 were invited to.  A special guest, David McQueen, came in and talked to us all about presentation skills.  He was very confident, engaging and humorous and I think because of this he delivered the session well.  He really made us realise the need to be able to present yourself appropriately at events and in job interviews.  His workshop was very interactive and as part of the session we got to work in small groups of 4 or 5 students in order to create a presentation to inform Year 6 students about our school.  Various volunteers helped us with our presentations and then they sat on a panel to judge us.  Each group was judged by the volunteers  and it was amazing seeing all of the groups competing against each other during the finals.  I was incredibly happy to see my group, the "Educating women of the future" team win.  It was an absolutely excellent day and I would definitely recommend it for next year's Year 9 students.  Thank you for organising this for us.

Habiba Ahmad 9JPR