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Year 7 Time for Lunch Competition

Year 7 were set the challenge of devising a new sandwich, packaging and logo to be sold at the Honey Bee cafe on Barnet High street. The project was a combined Food and Graphics project and required students to undertake an analysis of the current products sold at the Honey Bee and to then create branding related to the seasons. In addition to this, our students utilised the practical skills they learned this year, for example, bread making, sauce making, en-robing (coating) a sandwich filling, taste testing,  and nutritional analysis to create their product. The results were excellent and Miss Slee and Mr. Petrie were impressed with the results, particularly the level of bread making skill given the time constraints.  Judging the competition was very difficult indeed but we are pleased to announce the following winners:



1st - Serena Shah

2nd - Rachel 

3rd - Annie Lang



1st - Clarice Hitner

2nd - Daisy Fischer

3rd - Katy Smith


Delicious looking sandwich - freshly baked bread and a wide range of skills used