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8CBS Charity Fundraiser

One of our Year 8 tutor groups, 8CBS, organised a charity fundraising event which was held on Saturday 16th July 2016.  Not only did the girls have to wake up early on a Saturday, but they also baked and decorated a large quantity of cakes to sell.  The event was held at a local market and the girls had to arrive particularly early in order to secure a good stall.  During the day they sung to shoppers in order to raise awareness of their stall and to gain the support of those who passed by.  

Whilst we have many charity fundraising events here at Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School, we are particularly proud of 8CBS who organised their event during the weekend.  All proceeds are being donated to Breast Care UK and although we are yet to receive final sales figures, we are confident they will have raised an impressive amount of money and that it will go to a very good cause.