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London School of Economics Summer School

On Monday 4th July – Friday 8Th July I was one of seven Q.E. students who had the opportunity to go to The London School of Economics (LSE) Summer School. This is a prestigious university as well as being one of the best in the UK, which specialises in Economics, Mathematics and Politics.  

First we had a tour of the university which consisted of many buildings, lecture rooms and hallways that looked like something you would see at an art gallery. For the first hour we got to know each other within the group and played games. I was shy at first but once everyone settled in it felt like I knew everyone all my life.  We completed a number of team building games and activities which encouraged us to work with different people. One challenge was to create a bridge that would be able to hold a 2 litre bottle with only a stack of paper. This task was very effective as it got us to talk to one another and share ideas, as well as finding out what people’s strengths were and what their interests were.  I got to know everyone in my group so well and we are all now determined to keep in contact.

Over the week, we had lectures in Law, Economics, Sociology and Government and Politics. I not only learnt about these subjects but also that university professors do not keep telling people to keep focused and that you are expected to be independent and take control of your own education. Moreover, I learnt that it is up to you to ask questions and make sure you understand as the lecturer stands at the front of the class and presents the topics for the hour. I quote my Government and Politics lecturer who said “If we never asked questions and make our own points we wouldn’t be in a century where everything is so advanced with technology and knowledge!”.  Universities do not only consist of lectures there are also seminars which are more like a lesson but they last for 2 hours.

University is mainly a place to study hard and this is true but there are many fun aspects of university life as well. There are many different societies (clubs) to join. There are academic ones, such as the Mathematics Society where you try to crack puzzles, as well as sport based ones and other ones cased around students’ keen interests. We were advised to join as many as possible as it a way of meeting new people and trying new things. Being a part of a society is one highlight of university life and apparently something you won’t forget.

As well as staying in the university, we also went on some trips. My group went to the Barclays bank offices in Canary Wharf, and the experience was amazing. We learnt what skills are required to work there and what each job entails. Some of these lessons will be really helpful when I start to apply for jobs myself.

Overall, going to LSE was one of the best decisions I have made and I would be prepared to go again as it was so fun - the atmosphere is indescribable. I personally recommend it for anyone and everyone who is thinking of going to university or for those who are still unsure as going there reassured me and confirmed that I definitely want to go to university. I am truly grateful for this opportunity to have an experience that I will never forget.

Fatima Ali 11SMW