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Year 7 Shoebox Presentations

The shoebox project is a Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School tradition and this year our new Year 7 students have really impressed us with their creativity and hard work.  The project forms part of our transition programme; in July we asked all Year 7 students to create a shoebox  which they would then present to their tutor group during their first week of school.  Here are some accounts from two students along with some of the many shoeboxes which are currently on display in our school.

"Our shoe box project theme was 'looking back and looking forwards'. I created my shoebox in the summer holidays all by myself and I included pictures of my friends and family as well as some objects which meant a lot to me.  I chose to include my first ever swimming goggles as well as my tap shoes.  When other students presented their shoe boxes, I really learned a lot about their Primary School experience and their ambitions.  It was very interesting to find out more about my class mates and I enjoyed creating my shoe box."

Emily McMillan

"My experience at QE so far has been amazing and the best part of it was presenting my shoe box.  In a nutshell we had to take a shoe box, decorate it and then put objects that meant something to us inside the box. This project allowed me to find out something about the other people in my tutor group.  We have lots in common and I learned a lot about other people's personalities, hobbies and interests."

True Fuller