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Rambert Dance Workshop

Our Head Girl, Samantha Felton, recently won a Jack Petchey award for her service to the school community.  As part of her award, she received a grant for a school based project which would bring a positive impact to a group of other students.  Passionate about dance and keen to reach out to our younger students, Samantha decided to use her Jack Petchey grant to run a masterclass in contemporary dance with the Rambert Dance Company.  A lot was learned and the workshop was fast paced and energetic, with students being incredibly eager to learn; something which was commented upon afterwards by the Rambert Dance Company.

Here are some accounts from students who participated in the workshop:

"I was lucky enough to take part in a three hour workshop where I got to learn new dance techniques in a fun and practical way.  I learned how to listen to the beat of the music rather than just the words and to use this to help me with the dance moves.  We had to do specific exercises which would help us with the dancing such as sit ups, push ups and jogging.  It is important for us to be strong and fit so that we can be the best dancers possible. After learning some basic choreography, we put the moves together into a sequence which we rehearsed and then performed at the end of the workshop.  I learned a lot from the session and was really inspired."

Jade, Year 10

"I was so fortunate to be chosen to be part of the Rambert dance workshop.  This was an amazing and useful experience which helped me not only with my dancing but with my social skills.  I got to meet new people and got to mix with other year groups from within the school as well as the professional dancers. We worked as a team and had to help each other to create a performance which displayed our passion for dancing.  On behalf of everyone involved, I would like to thank the Head Girl for making this experience possible."

Eva, Year 9

Samantha Felton continues to offer her after school dance club to Key Stage 3 and 4 students every Monday.  For more details, please see our extra curricular programme of events.