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Student Magazine Goes Live! Read it here...

The "QE Girl" magazine is the product of our Journalism club, led by Chair of Governors, Rebecca Hanley.  A number of staff and students have supported the Journalism Club to produce the first edition of what we hope will be a popular glimpse into life at the school.  

With thanks to Maya, Amelia, Jessica, Jeannie, Kirstie and Christina, Anne-Eve, Tito and Niamh, Mikaela, Ella H, Cheryl and Rayan, Dana, Mathilda, Grace H, Dila, Mina and Grace A, Amnah and Sarah, Khouria and Katherine, Abigail, Rachel and Precious, Sienna, Cheryl, Rachel, Maddie, Eve, Ella P, Zara and everyone who came along to Journalism Club - even if it was just once!