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Year 10 Geography Field Trip

This week the Year 10 Geographers visited East Finchley High Street as well as The Bishops Avenue to undertake fieldwork investigating variations in urban quality of life which is required for their Geography GCSE. The field trip involved students completing a variety of fieldwork techniques. For example an Environmental Quality Assessment was completed whereby students scored each site on features such as the quality of street furniture, levels of pollution and variety of shops. In addition a pedestrian count was completed at each location whereby the number of people walking past in a minute was recorded. Students also made use of a free decibel app downloaded on to their phones to record noise level at each site. Finally students had to be brave and complete a questionnaire asking members of the public their opinions on environmental quality in East Finchley as well as whether they believe there to be a sense of belonging and community spirit in the area. Despite the weather being extremely hot, the fieldwork was undertaken successfully, ensuring that they are well prepared for this aspect of their exam.