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Latest News from Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School.


February 2017

  • Freud Museum Visit - Year 12 Psychology

    Published 08/02/17

    Students from our A-Level Psychology classes visited the Freud Museum on 8th February 2017 in Hampstead.  The aim was to learn more about Freud’s theories of personality and psychoanalysis; two themes that have been explored during recent lessons. The Museum’s education team offered a discussion session tailored around the A-Level specification to complement our study of the 'Biological Psychology' and 'Issues and Debates' strands of the course.  This was then followed by a question and answer session where many interesting points where made. There was an opportunity for a tour the Museum, where Freud and his family resided during the final years of his life.  A particular highlight was seeing Freud's psychoanalysis couch (pictured above).


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  • These Girls Can! Jui-Jitsu Success for QE sisters

    Published 06/02/17

    'This Girl Can' was developed by Sport England in order to help women overcome the fear of judgement which often stops many women and girls from joining in when it comes to sports.  Two sisters from Queen Elizabeth's, Bleta and Londrita, have been involved with This Girl Can and have gained a lot from the experience by achieving much success in Jui-Jitsu.  Londrita (in Year 12) took up the sport four years ago and is currently a brown belt, whilst her sister,  Bleta, (in Year 11) is a black belt, having been developing her martial arts skills for nine years. They will both be starring in a poster campaign for 'This Girl Can' and have recently appeared in the local press (click here).

    Bleta: "I am thrilled to be part of the 'This Girl Can' campaign and to be able to work with other amazing women. It was a very prestigious experience, and I have so many special memories from my involvement with the scheme. Even though being in the limelight was intimidating at times, I managed to stay strong and remember the inspiring cause my sister and I were promoting."

    Londrita: "Taking part in an empowering and inspirational campaign, such as the one of 'This Girl Can', will not be something that can be easily forgotten. I was able to meet and work with incredible women of all ages, but with whom we all shared a common goal- which was to encourage more women in sport through this campaign."

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