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GCSE Impact

The performance between Queen Elizabeth’s Pupil Premium (Disadvantaged) students and ‘Other’ (Non disadvantaged) students both within Barnet and Nationally

The table below shows a comparison between Pupil Premium students at Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ School against the performance of Non Pupil Premium (also known as Non Disadvantaged or ‘Other’). 

The key measure used to determine a school’s performance and success at Public Examinations centres on Progress 8. A school’s success at GCSE through Progress 8 can be determined below:

This score is considered well above average because it is 0.5 or higher, and its lower confidence interval is higher than 0.

The local authority (Barnet) average score for state-funded schools is 0.57

The average score for all state-funded schools in England is -0.02

Typically, (without factoring in Confidence Levels) schools need a score above 0.5 to be ‘Well above average’, while above average ranges generally from 0.2 to 0.49 (with the appropriate confidence levels), average scores can be +/- (dependent on confidence levels) and below average are less than 0 (with negative confidence levels).