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Moving Forward with Pupil Premium - Booklet for all Stakeholders

This year we have focused on ensuring that we are closing the gap for our disadvantaged students this has involved working with teachers on Quality First Teaching for immediate impact in the classroom, meeting the needs of all learners. We have used the NFER research which can be found on the NFER website. We now have a clear focus on the progress of each individual student ensuring that they have the means to reach their full potential. As a school what underpins our work is the desire and determination to enable all our students to have upward social mobility in order for them to flourish and be successful in society.

As a starting point this year we delivered our vision and message to staff (through CPD – Continuous Professional Development) that we have a moral obligation and duty to ensure our gaps between groups of students at Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ School are closed rapidly and sustainably. We have produced a booklet for all Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ School stakeholders on Pupil Premium in order for everyone to have a clear understanding of our vision as a school.