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Student Leadership

We have a number of responsibility posts for students in the Sixth Form.  Full details of the roles themselves can be found in the attachment below.

Louisa - Head Girl 
As a proud QE Girl, I am thrilled at the opportunity to lead the student body. QEGS has equipped me with the confidence, drive and team spirit to successfully represent and act on the incredible visions of my peers. It is with great honour that I am given the ability to have a more active role in school and be a role model for girls in the years below. Studying STEM subjects and wishing to pursue Mathematics further, has allowed me to develop an inquisitive mindset and I am keen to use this alongside my analytical, systematic and decision making skills to help develop the school community. Aside from academia, I have a strong interest in health and fitness and I believe that by passing on the lessons I have learnt such as self discipline, self gratification and the importance of exercise, I can leave a lasting impact and encourage all members of the student body to not only believe in their own ability but also to celebrate and embrace the achievements of others. 

Eva - Deputy Head Girl
I am currently studying English Literature, Sociology and Media Studies at QEGS Sixth Form. I am planning to read Business Management combined with Human Resources at University next year. Since year 7, I have worked hard to achieve my goals and I have developed many skills through the extra curricular activities available at school. My hobbies include dance and I have been able to represent the school in competitions such as Rock Challenge over the years. The teaching staff have been amazing and have supported and encouraged me every step of the way and I can honestly say that it has been a privilege to be part of the QEGS family.

Lola - Deputy Head Girl
I am honoured to be Deputy Head girl at QEGS. I have loved every minute of my time at school and I carry out this role with great pride. Being a student at QEGS for all these years has given me the motivation and determination to succeed at whatever I put my mind to. QEGS is a place where everybody is accepted, appreciated and encouraged. A place where we are free to take the next step in pursuing our goals. Being a QE girl is about striving for the best not only in school, but in all aspects of life. QEGS prepares each and every one of us for the future, with teachers going above and beyond. I am currently studying English Literature, Religious Studies and Media Studies. My main interests are in the fields of Media and Communications, in particular broadcast journalism. I am hoping to study Media and Communications at University next year.