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Student Leadership

We have a number of responsiblity posts for students in the Sixth Form.  Full details of the roles themselves can be found in the attachment below.

Jessica - Head Girl
I am honoured to be a part of the QEGS community and to be the representative of the student body. My time at QEGS has been one where I have been able to grow as a person and have been pushed to achieve whatever I aspire to do. My studies of Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Drama intertwine with my interest in studying Medicine at university. Being a student at QEGS has made me feel confident about my future and has assured me that with knowledge, determination and courage, I am sure to succeed. Outside my academic interests I have developed a passion for leadership and serving others with compassion through various exploits such as volunteering at a hospice, being a part of the Air Training Corps and embarking on various exploits such as aviation scholarships. I hope to have an impactful presence in the QEGS student body throughout this academic year.

Kirstie - Deputy Head Girl
I am studying English Literature, History, and Drama for my A-Levels at QE. I have always felt that I am in very safe hands here, with an extremely dedicated team of staff that have supported and encouraged me throughout the entirety of my QE journey. In my spare time I enjoy being politically active, and I also volunteer for the Barnet Museum. I have a passion for both literature and film, and my favourite book (for now!) is probably Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. I’m hoping to go on to study English and History at University.

Lillie- Deputy Head Girl
I am currently studying Politics, Sociology and English Literature. I really enjoy being a member of the sixth form community at QEGS as I believe all the staff are highly supportive of my current studies and future ambitions and will go the extra mile to facilitate my needs. My interest mainly form around the subject of politics, which is why I hope to go onto university to study Politics and International Relations which will hopefully guide me into a career in journalism.

Ciara - Sports Captain
I am currently studying Biology, Geography and Psychology with the hope to further my study of geography at university. From an early age I have always had a passion for sport, playing many sports at club level including running for Shaftesbury Harriers, playing hockey for Southgate Hockey club, competing in gymnastics at Ashmole Gymnastics club and I currently play netball at Palmers Green Netball club. I have also represented the school in both individual and team events contributing to QE success at Barnet  Championship. I love the team aspect of sport and the adrenaline of competing. To be Sports Captain is a privilege and hopefully I will be able to inspire others to get involved and enjoy sport within the school community.

Rachael - Charity Officer
I am currently studying Geography, Psychology and English Lang/lit with the hope to continue studying geography at university. I really enjoy all my subjects and love being an active member in the school community. All the staff and students are dedicated and striving to achieve their best. I feel encouraged and determined here at QE as everyone is friendly and welcoming. Staff will always be willing to help and make you feel comfortable and supported.

Danielle - Performing Arts Officer
I am currently studying Drama, Religious Studies and Biology. I am planning to study Musical Theatre at a performing arts University and hopefully pursue a career in performing on stage. In QEGS, I like the friendly atmosphere that the students create and I really admire the teachers enthusiasm and passion for their subjects and their willingness to go the extra mile for every student. Outside of school I enjoy rehearsing and performing musicals at a local theatre, assisting at my Primary’s School’s annual play and teaching at a nearby Saturday theatre school. I am currently running Year 7 Drama Club and I am looking forward to assist in directing our school's annual Christmas Review.

Sophie - Eco Council Officer
I am currently studying Geography, Sociology and Business Studies- a subject which I am extremely passionate about and wish to study further at degree level. My role in the QE Sixth Form community is Eco Officer which involves running Eco Club to the younger years and helping other members of the school to be more ethical through encouraging simple, environmentally sustainable approaches such as recycling and tidying up after one another. Being a member of the Sixth form is a privilege as all the staff are extremely supportive and truly want the best out of their students in order for them to have the best future.

Chloe - School Council
For A-levels I am currently studying English Lang/Lit, Maths and History. The QE Sixth Form, although small, is very intimate and welcomes closer connections to be formed not only with your fellow peers, but also with teachers as well. As part of my role as being School Council Officer, I also want to help build upon the communication for all students, so they can get their voices heard. School council meet every week to discuss a wide variety of topics across all year groups.

Claudia - STEM Officer
I’m currently studying maths, physics and technology and I’m hoping to study civil engineering at university. I thoroughly enjoy my time at QE as the staff are incredibly helpful and friendly. I’m am responsible for the extra curricular STEM activities in the school such as STEM club!

Emily - Librarian
I’m currently studying English Literature, History and Psychology, of which I couldn't tell you which is my favourite, and I would love to study law at university, fingers crossed. QEGS Sixth Form is amazing. The people there are lovely, friendly and great to study with. There is always support offered to you if you need it and the whole sixth form team makes studying at QEGS a joy. As Librarian, I encourage reading both within the Sixth Form and the whole school.