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Student Leadership

We have a number of responsiblity posts for students in the Sixth Form.  Full details of the roles themselves can be found in the attachment below.

Chloe (Head Girl) 

I am currently studying Biology, Psychology and English Literature. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of this school community and being a member of the Sixth Form. I feel that the teachers are very encouraging and supportive with everything that we do, and constantly motivate us reach our full potential. In my free time I enjoy working out, spending time with friends and watching Netflix!


Chloe (Deputy Head Girl) 

The subjects I am studying are Textiles, Business Studies and Sociology. I enjoy studying at QE as I feel as if there are plenty of opportunities for me to explore my creativity as I am invited to attend lots of events for the creative arts, such as the New Designers exhibition and this helps me enhance my standard of work at school as I am inspired by others designers. My interests involve fashion and designing and I invest a lot of time into developing my skills and techniques, whilst also expressing myself through dance.


Kajal (Deputy Head Girl) 

I am studying Physics, Maths and Design and Technology. In the future, I would like to gain a degree in Mechanical Engineering at my preferred university and then hopefully work towards getting my pilot’s license and becoming a pilot. My favourite thing about QE is that the teachers always support you and encourage aiming higher than you may be predicted; you just need to make sure you ask for help because they’re always ready to help.


Ash (School Council Officer) 

I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths. Q.E is a community and despite our individual differences, we all come together to motivate, support and understand one another. My hobbies and interests include; travelling, learning new languages and playing chess. 


Detee (Deputy School Council Officer) 

For A-levels I am taking History, English Literature and Psychology. I like QE because all the teachers are extremely supportive and they always help you. The students are also really friendly. In my spare time I enjoy Thai boxing and have been a member of my club for three years!


Victoria (Sports Captain) 

I am currently studying biology, chemistry and geography for A-level. My favourite thing about QE is that the teachers are really supportive, approachable and encouraging. In my spare time I enjoy long distance running and going out with friends!


Elena Rose (Deputy Sports Captain) 

My studies currently include Biology, Psychology and English Literature. I enjoy QE as I think it is a school that encourages both collaborative working and independent learning, whilst supporting all students to maximise their full potential. Swimming competitively is a hobby of mine, that provides a distraction from the stresses of school work, and teaching swimming enables me to share my knowledge with others, which is why I like to encourage all students to participate in physical activity! 


Anna (Sustainability Officer) 

I'm studying History, English Literature and Geography. I have attended Q.E since Year 7 and my favourite thing about it is the warm atmosphere and sense of community you get from being a 'QE girl'. I have a wide variety of different interests, one of which is environmental activism which is why I am leading the school's eco-council this year. Please don't hesitate to come and find me if you have any concerns, or talk to one of the eco-monitors in your year group. 


Esha (Deputy Sustainability Officer) 

I’m studying Sociology, RS, and English Lang/Lit; I like photography, singing, and reading. I joined QE girls in September 2017 as an external student, but feel as though I have been here much longer. I feel the teachers really care about the student’s individual needs, they engage in your learning which to me is very important and they are always there to help you out.


Faye (School Librarian) 

My name is Faye Carter and I am the lead student librarian. I am studying English literature, technology and biology. I love QE girls because of the care and support provided by both the teachers and other students. QE is a healthy, accepting community where every student is valued.


Riya (Deputy School Librarian) 

I am currently studying, English Literature, History, and Psychology. I enjoy making jewellery, making miniature sculpture, painting, sketching and you’ll never catch me without a book. The thing I love the most about QEGS is there will always be something to do and it’s a friendly environment.


Jessica (Performing Arts Officer) 

I am currently studying Drama and Theatre Studies, Psychology and English Literature. I am planning to go on in the future to drama school to hopefully pursue a career in acting on stage. In QEGS, I like the friendly atmosphere that the students create and I really admire the teachers willingness to go the extra mile to ensure every student is progressing in their subjects. I enjoy completing courses to do with the performing arts, travelling to new places and listening to music in my spare time.


Harshinee (Deputy Performing Arts Officer) 

I am studying Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Maths. As an external student I was extremely nervous about attending a new school, however the warm and welcoming environment made feel like I was part of the school since year 7. Coming to QEGS is one the best decisions I have made, I don’t think I would have gotten the support I get from the teachers who I barely knew in any other school. Something I enjoy is swimming and playing the guitar, even though I am still trying to perfect it.


Holly (Charity Officer) 

I am studying Psychology Religious Studies and English Lit/Lang. I like QE sixth form as I feel the teachers are always there to talk to, and do as much as they can if you are willing to put in the work too. I teach children to swim and I like eating, sleeping and watching Netflix!


Rimu (Deputy Charity Officer) 

I am studying A-levels in Psychology, Sociology and Design and Technology. When I am free, I like to spend that time with family and friends. If I had to pick one thing I like about QEGS, it would have to be the fact that the teachers ensure we have full support in our academic studies.


Irha (STEM Officer) 

I am studying A Level Biology, Chemistry and English Literature and I hope to go onto to university to study something science related! During my time at QE so far, I have absolutely enjoyed meeting so many new and friendly people who have become very close friends of mine. Additionally I enjoy the extra curricular activities which the school provides such as taking part in Age UK to help the elderly. Some of my hobbies are singing and acting and I have a keen interest in taking part in charity work in my spare time.


Sayagi (Deputy STEM Officer) 

I am studying Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Biology. After A Levels, I would like to go to university and study Maths with Economics and then go into banking in the future. My favourite thing about QE sixth form is that it is a fun learning environment and the teachers are really supportive.